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uk would be defined as another broadcast channel and its content captured off-air as with TV and radio.
But these systems lack the ability to easily and cost effectively scale and manage massive fixed content repositories that can reach hundreds of terabytes to petabytes in size.
iO[TM] CIP for Mobile Operators enables content propositions to extend across individual in-place content management and delivery silos, without the need to incur integration or infrastructure costs, nor the need to replace existing content management platforms.
Content in XML can be transformed into a wide range of other content (like voice based content) and made available to a wider range of devices (like digital cell phones).
When such an element is sampled, the derivative sample is automatically linked as a trackback to the content master.
Among associations, non-profit organizations, publishing firms, consultancies, universities, and of course the federal government, we see enterprises generating much more digital content than they have systems today to adequately manage.
0 meets the needs of companies seeking an end-to-end content lifecycle solution to manage high volumes of information with an enterprise-ready content creation and publishing solution that can be rapidly deployed and integrated with content management systems (CMS).
Businesses can easily lose control over content as it is surrendered to complex publishing processes," said Paul Wlodarczyk, VP of Content Lifecycle Solutions at XMetaL.
With Percussion's Rhythmyx system, we will redefine how content is designed and delivered, make our WCM capabilities more efficient, and improve customer service by better serving our regional audiences," said Greg Sieg, Senior Manager of IT, Technology Development & Support for Princess Cruises.
Call for Content allows carriers, entertainment companies -- virtually any company with a message or content to deliver -- to quickly reach the mobile audience, increase their profits, and take full advantage of the huge mobile opportunity.
With this latest release, Saba continues to provide one of the industry's easiest-to-use authoring tools and a powerful Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS) with an open authoring tool strategy that allows content authors to use the tools with which they are most familiar.