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Even though it was a very difficult time for him, we shared so much happiness, contentedness and fun.
Fascism praised a small-minded philosophy of contentedness that found an expression in Mille lire al mese ("One Thousand Lira a Month"): "If I could have / 1,000 lira a month, / I would certainly find all happiness.
It deeply saddens me after living on or around the Gulf my whole life, making a living from it, and experiencing the serenity and contentedness it has always brought to me," he said.
31) However, asked to "behold a map" of Wordsworth's "[c]ollegiate life" (203), readers note a passage that is bound by the word-axes of "time" (190) and "place" (207) and that lists cliches of poetic melancholy--a taste for pathetic landscapes and an internal weather mixing contentedness with chosen gloom.
Plutarch's essay "On Contentedness of Mind," from the Moralia, furnishes a more convincing account.
To protect herself from the grimy sheets, she would wear her long-hooded trench coat, sigh with contentedness, and instantly fall asleep.
Whereas just three generations ago, during the Great Depression, it was accounted shameful to go on the dole, today's American people, conditioned by the New Deal, the Fair Deal, and the Great Society, swill with bovine contentedness from the slop bucket of government with never a twinge of conscience.
Some of the players definitely want to play and despite their reasonable contentedness with the way the team has been doing then I think they would want to be a part of that, which I can understand.
The evolution of immigration law provides a window into the ever-changing attitudes toward immigration, particularly the costly and beneficial effects it is perceived to have on the state of the nation)H The current United States policy of general exclusion demonstrates a level of contentedness with the current composition of its populace and an expectation that immigration generally does more harm than good to its safety, society, and economy.
There was a relish we all could share, never better illustrated than the masterpiece published here after a Freud winner at Southwell last October: "I wallowed in contentedness, tried to think back to when I last felt as happy, even though there was one element of discomfort about my person.
Once a baby is delivered, the neurochemical induces the mother to release breast milk--an elegant symbiotic design that keeps babies fat and happy and can send nursing mothers into a state of dreamy contentedness.