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Wakefield's merry shadow: his wife's new haircut, a "jauntiness in her step," the sudden growth of the twins, and their new contentedness.
Bree's life is binarised into a 'pre-' and 'post-' operational life with certain affects and visual representational techniques that promote genital surgeries as the foundation of contentedness.
Following Aquinas and fellow Jesuit Duff, Divine asserts that the institution of private property provides for the needs of society--the social function--through the greater productivity of private property holders, the enhanced order characteristic of a society in which property is managed privately, and the greater peace and harmony that derives from the contentedness of property holders.
In many instances, whisky would be granted to post employees on holidays; however, beer was a daily ration that was deemed moderately inebriating to the point of contentedness.
I was already mourning the fragile truce of contentedness we had forged since coming back from the Jersey shore two weeks ago, an idyll that had briefly included a break from sleepless nights, non-existent naps, and the scourge of reflux, which had plagued Justin off and on for the better part of his first year-and-a-half of life.
I am delighted to inaugurate the conference of the 41st General Assembly of the Federation of Arab News Agencies (FANA), and I renew keenness of the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud on this federation and supporting its objectives based on the Kingdom's contentedness of the importance of the joint Arab action at the media level," Dr.
I have pondered the issue of happiness, contentedness, being "centered" as my wife Diane says, a number of times since retiring.
In fact, recent studies show that families who face challenges, and narrate these ups and downs to the next generation, can in fact help encourage a sense of self-worth and contentedness amongst the youngest member of that family.
Chambers' volume even produces sketches by James Riddel showing cats in attitudes of repose, happiness, contentedness, and conviviality.
It was reported positive effects on three mood dimensions: alertness, contentedness and calmness in a dose-dependent manner, modulating mood and cognition evaluated by Cognitive Drug Research test.
All of these contents help to increase the individual personal growth, specifically for those individuals who have strong desire of up gradation, more intrinsic job satisfaction, more contentedness and motivation towards their duties, and fewer escapees and lower percentage of leaving an organization (Oldham, 1996).
Lina has progressed from linking riches to contentedness to considering the possibility that beauty and love, which she now sees as realities tending towards the infinite rather than material realities, will satisfy her senses in order to make her happy.