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But democracy-advancing mechanisms and processes generally don't go very far without a lot of conflict, often induced by wars, revolutions, or other big shocks, and almost always involving a great deal of popular contention.
Since the purpose of EB is to alleviate the effects of contention among the nodes and to adapt the system to the number of nodes, the first definition of offered load is more appropriate for analyzing EB and is used in this paper.
The last time I was in contention was in Portugal this year back in April which is a long time.
His contention that blacks should show gratitude to "white Englishmen and Americans" for ending the slavery they created expresses similarly perverse logic.
For example, the reply brief invokes the wording of section 7805(a) -- which grants the Treasury Secretary the authority to issue "all needful rules and regulations" -- to support its contention that rules and regulations are entitled to the same level of deference by the courts.
BRITISH hopes of an Open winner melted in the St Andrew's sun as Nick Faldo and Colin Montgomerie crashed out of contention yesterday.
Stewart reckons drivers Johnny Herbert and Eddie Irvine will be in contention for race victories sometime this season ahead of the planned major assault on title glory in 2001.
The first deal is a 20:1 contention service, meaning 20 ADSL local loop users share one connection from a BT exchange to the service provider's network/server.
The following two articles discuss the recent contention surrounding the 1990 Vatican document Ex Corde ecclesia.
Appendix 1 discusses the source of most of his data on contentious events, the massive effort by historian Aoki Koji to document as fully as possible the instances of early modern contention (ikki) and Appendix 2 presents White's full typology of contentious events and the magnitudes of difference within each that he discerns.
Falk insists it offers an important insight into human evolution, a contention some researchers support and others vigorously challenge.