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2) uses the following contention resolution strategies: 1) wavelength conversion for two wavelength wi and W2 channels (a, b indexes), 2) FDL buffer which can hold up to two bursts (c index), 3) wavelength conversion for deflection routing over Wap wavelength channel (d index).
It is necessary to determine how packet loss depends on the contention resolution methods and OBS network characteristics (data transmission rate).
An analytical model has been created for the OBS core node to find out what impact has an application of various contention resolution strategies on the data transmission quality.
Therefore future research is purposeful for determining an optimal amount of resources needed at the core node for the contention resolution.
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It is most likely that multiple helpers will succeed during its 3-round contention resolution procedure according to the k-EC scheme [21].
This paper proposed a novel priority-differentiated cooperative MAC protocol with contention resolution for multihop wireless networks.