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As the rounds of contentions increase, the packet success rate of the CDASA-CSMA/CA increases due to use of Equation (2).
However, the repetition of values for the second round of contention are repeated in the third rounds of contentions in a CSMA/CA which reduces the performance in terms of higher collision, increases delay with high energy consumption of BMSs.
To establish liability on the part of the adverse party, contentions should clearly state how the breach of the duty owed by the respondent caused the applicant to sustain damages.
An algorithm proposed explicitly reveals how burst contention resolution and congestion control must interact [5].
Pourtant, bien que la litterature scientifique sur l'isolement et les contentions soit abondante (Larue et al.
The following two articles discuss the recent contention surrounding the 1990 Vatican document Ex Corde ecclesia.
The tenants' contention that there was a mere exclusive agency agreement, which allowed the tenants to negotiate themselves with O&Y, would deprive the broker of any benefit whatsoever.
These results support contentions made by Joiner et al.