contentious group

See: faction
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Europe must take its fate into its own hands," she said, echoing a message she sent after a contentious Group of Seven summit with Trump back in May.
It's a heady snapshot of a London art scene dominated by the party politics of the Royal Academy of Arts, whose contentious group shows provide the setting for some of "Mr.
She will go through the various options available to formulators looking to replace this contentious group of preservatives.
I am well aware that this is a contentious group, with a complicated
Without doubt it's a contentious group of horses," Harty said.
Victorian Catholics, converts and otherwise, were a very contentious group, and Newman managed to offend both the liberal and the conservative parties in the church.
Eighty-one years ago, on April 19, 1922, The Nation launched a series of forty-nine articles by a distinguished, skeptical and contentious group of writers--novelists, journalists, educators, social workers, lawyers, unionists and maverick intellectuals--each of whom was asked to contemplate his or her state of the union.
In 1886, after the eighth and final show, the always contentious group became even less cohesive-geographically as well as philosophically-and unwilling to collaborate.
Nottage uses the image of the striving yet patient por' knocker - alone, hunched over, knee-deep in mud - to convey a theme that cannot be stated by the contentious group, even as they grasp for concise, eloquent phrases that will sum up who they are.