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The role of Asia's two emerging economic giants in Africa's development is being contentiously debated.
Arafa's "The Island," allegedly based on the real-life downfall of a local drug lord, deals with the issues of opium and arms trading and, most contentiously, the relationship between gangsters and the government.
More contentiously, he argues that Caesar reconfigured the concept of virtus to include submission to command in war--virtus taking on shades of disciplina rather than standing in opposition to it.
Even more contentiously, Reul praised nuclear energy in terms of its favourable price, advantageousness in terms of security of supply and CO2 emissions.
He concludes, contentiously, that endogenous money was implicit in the arguments of both Schools, and that classical macroeconomics had a distinctive analytical structure in which output and employment were determined separately.
Its existence and size have been argued contentiously for several years.
Various legislatures here and overseas have spent years wrestling with what to do with 'excess' IVF embryos and how to approve their use in research, most contentiously embryonic stem cell research.
What is not quite so clear, is what is the knowledge and, more contentiously, how do people obtain relevant knowledge?
Today, smoking is firmly, if contentiously, established as a feminine practice in British society.
He implied that the media had portrayed them stereo typically and contentiously.