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H2: The participants in the moderate-crimes group will have significantly lower rates of neuroticism, alcohol consumption, and illicit drug use as well as significantly higher rates of contentiousness and agreeableness compared to the participants in the substantial-crimes group.
The essays present a range of practical and theoretical issues of leadership and development, including mother nurture, emulation of and divergence from core values, internalized oppression, self-determination, representation of the physical self, guardianship/governance of the body, cooperative economics, activism, contentiousness with or differentiation from the mother, and negotiation of leadership across public and private spheres.
It might help with the learning curve and take the contentiousness out of early learning experiences.
Emma Geliot, the deputy editor of art magazine Blown, anticipated and welcomed contentiousness over the decision.
Yoo, a distinguished historian and director of the Asian American Studies Center at UCLA, argues that two characteristics stand out in the history of the Korean American community between 1903 and 1945: (1) the encompassing presence of religion, more precisely, Protestantism, and (2) contentiousness among Korean Americans over how to fight for the independence of Korea, which was then languishing under Japanese colonialism.
First, how Ryan came to terms with who he was and turned to the Internet for support, and second, how the contentiousness and distortions of our sexual politics forced the mayor to deny who he was.
The fun part is that the on-the-air contentiousness between them makes Daybreak a success for the first time.
Despite the contentiousness of the subjects, he stressed the negotiations are still in the early stages.
Additionally, the company has a history of environmental contentiousness, and was recognized at the 2010 World Economic Forum as having strong sustainable business practices and products in the electronics business.
The suspension of the normal agenda was unprecedented in recent decades, and reflected the contentiousness of the proposal to lift the ban.
However, it is altogether likely that any semblance of the truth may be eclipsed by Feinman's battle-cry rhetoric, which may primarily fuel contentiousness between policyholders and insurers and misconceptions about the claim process.
Despite this pleasant symmetry, the contentiousness of the health debate continues, pitting intrusive political forces against special-interest fiefdoms, while innocents caught in the crossfire are powerless to shape the outcome.