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H2: The participants in the moderate-crimes group will have significantly lower rates of neuroticism, alcohol consumption, and illicit drug use as well as significantly higher rates of contentiousness and agreeableness compared to the participants in the substantial-crimes group.
Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius' testimony before the House yesterday on Obamacare was marked by contentiousness, as representatives focused on the botched debut of HealthCare.
Such integration has been characterized by varying degrees of conflict and contentiousness.
The House measure is unlikely to pass the Democrat-controlled Senate in its current form, but the differences between the two bills illustrate the contentiousness of the battle to send an immigration reform package to the White House.
It's even worse today than the contentiousness of the 1850s when you had people hitting each other over the head in Congress and almost killing each other on the Senate floor.
Similarly, it is understandable for the Opposition to move amendments to the Land Acquisition Bill given the contentiousness of the issue.
This controversial and fascinating political thriller takes us into the near future, where heightened political contentiousness and fierce loyalties, based on irreconcilable political differences and an array of allegiances, have shattered the United States into five sovereign nations.
The essays present a range of practical and theoretical issues of leadership and development, including mother nurture, emulation of and divergence from core values, internalized oppression, self-determination, representation of the physical self, guardianship/governance of the body, cooperative economics, activism, contentiousness with or differentiation from the mother, and negotiation of leadership across public and private spheres.
Any incident of mass shootings necessarily takes on a political dimension given the contentiousness of gun politics in the U.
It might help with the learning curve and take the contentiousness out of early learning experiences.
The contentiousness of such elites and the constant struggle between Church and State eventually shattered the higher unity of Christendom, which had allowed local variation and self-government within an overall civilizational order.
More humility and less contentiousness, Hess advises, and more experimentation and less stiffness.