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cried the cripple, flinging away his crutches, and running after him with the best legs that ever traced a geometrical step upon the pavements of Paris.
for they can be frightfully sarcastic, but she felt sorry for those of them who had no crutches, and she said good-naturedly, "Before I go to the fairies' ball, I should like to take you for a walk one at a time; you can lean on me, you know.
The following Sunday, when the family was going to church, they asked her whether she would not go with them; but she glanced sorrowfully, with tears in her eyes, at her crutches.
You see I'd wanted a doll, and father had written them so; but when the barrel came the lady wrote that there hadn't any dolls come in, but the little crutches had.
I can't see anythin' ter be glad about--gettin' a pair of crutches when you wanted a doll
If playin' a silly-fool game--about bein' glad you've got crutches when you want dolls--is got ter be--my way--o' bein' that rock o' refuge--why, I'm a-goin' ter play it--I am, I am
There is an immensity of promenading, on crutches and off, with sticks and without, and a great deal of conversation, and liveliness, and pleasantry.
Tom was thinking of himself walking about on crutches, like the wheelwright's son; and Maggie, who did not guess what was in his mind, sobbed for company.
Conterminously, when Claire encounters The Boy's online writings in The Events, she comes up against identical reproaches directed at "failed elites who cling on to power and wealth through immigrant labour and globalisation.
Even in the Indian context, (60) Courts have conterminously construed the words 'public' and 'charitable' as in English Law (Gandhi 2010, p.
The associated discussion will be a trial to answer the question of how the different tribal units had discovered a way of living conterminously despite forces of divisiveness.
As Benson (1989: 645) notes in his discussion of the medieval law merchant, this system demonstrates that international "commerce and commercial law have developed conterminously, without the aid .