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In summary, contestability of two-sided content markets cannot be as clearly dismissed as for infrastructure markets and may indeed be viable.
On this issue, discussions on the impact of the P3 Alliance on the level of contestability in the supply of liner shipping capacity at major gateway container ports becomes highly topical.
Therefore, essential contestability is not a part of emotivist moral theories which at first glance occupy a similar position.
Contestability theory does not, and was not intended to, lend support to those who believe (or almost seem to believe) that the unrestrained market automatically solves all economic problems and virtually all regulation and antitrust activity constitutes a pointless and costly source of economic inefficiency.
A delicate balance needs to be struck where regulators foster contestability (to streamline requirements for bank licensing, speed up the licensing process, and implement efficient bank resolution) without jeopardising bank stability (that is, maintaining a licensing process that keeps out unfit bankers).
There follows a list of Seixas's benchmarks of historical thinking (Historical significance, Evidence, Continuity and change, Cause and consequence, Historical perspectives, Historical empathy and moral judgement), with the addition of two further concepts of contestation and contestability, and problem-solving.
Challenging the Majority by Giving All People the Power of Contestability.
Thus, the ability to respond to alternative modes of being with presumptive generosity and a sense of contestability in one's own beliefs is both a societal and global imperative.
These insurers are in fact alluding, not to a waiting period, but to the fact that traditional life insurance has a two year contestability period.
After the contestability period expired, the agents, now acting as life settlement brokers, arranged for certain policies to be sold to three different life settlement providers.
Concentrated and/or segmented market structure, insufficient inter-industry competition, and limited contestability are the major indicators of an uncompetitive banking environment.