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Courts have voided policies after the contestable period when the beneficiary signed the name of the insured to the application.
The contestable markets literature has shown that if entry and exit are costless, the economic outcome in even highly concentrated markets can approximate perfect competition (Baumol, Willig and Panzer, 1982).
Contiguous area, as defined, shall refer to "the joining of two or more end-users within a contiguous area into a single purchasing unit, wherein such purchasing unit shall be part of the contestable market.
In 2004, Lord Burns advocated a PSB Trust to rationalise distribution of the licence fee as contestable, direct funding for all PSB services (including the BBC, S4C, Channel 4, community radio, new services etc).
a contestable market never offers more than a normal rate of profit--its economic profits must be zero or negative, even if it is oligopolistic or monopolistic.
The board, which met in Wellington today, decided that a contestable process was the most appropriate course of action at the end of the current coaches' four-year tenure, and at the conclusion of the Rugby World Cup cycle.
West) lays out a framework for a system of global governance which furthers the political and economic integration represented the European Union, the North American Free Trade Agreement, and the World Trade Organization, but is more transparent, accountable, and democratically contestable.
A single product natural monopoly--as defined in the contestability literature--is forced by the "weak invisible hand" to charge an average cost price if the market is perfectly contestable.
Improved governance is possible when a bridge can be created allowing people to remain in their comfort zone while extending the boundaries through contestable concepts.
It does so by examining the structure, composition and dynamics of contestable or "quasi-markets" for VET, assessing the impact and effects of market reform on providers and clients, and evaluating the outcomes, both intended and unintended, of market reform in VET.
One fact is not contestable, Jenson wishes and expects to drive for Williams in 2005 and 2006 and has made this intention clear.
It is extremely annoying that the Director-General of the WTO refers to very contestable figures used by the OECD which are not even part of the WTO reference book", Mr Lamy said.