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him--otherwise the concept would not be contestable. This must be
He died within two years of the date of delivery of the policy but more than two years after the date shown on the policy as "the date of issue." If the contestable period were to run from the "date of issue" as listed on the policy, the contestable period allegedly cut off the insurer's fraud defense.
The finding that markets are not "perfectly contestable" does not preclude the possibility that they are "imperfectly contestable" and that both potential and actual competition have an important influence on consumer welfare.
Given the development of New Clark City, the PCC expects an influx of potential locators, particularly agro-industrial and institutional clients, to qualify as contestable customers.
Moreover, the proposal seeks to revitalize IEMOP's central registration body (CRB) process of gathering information on all eligible contestable customers such as current supplier, metering information and customer information from distribution utilities.
Under the RCOA regime, contestable customers (CCs) - consumers of more than 750 kW - are now able to choose their retail electricity suppliers and generate savings in their power costs of up to 26%, according to at least one study conducted by the Manila Observatory.
"Bidding on a social investment basis could be an effective way of gaining contestable funding, as this seems to be the Government's preferred approach," Kerr said.
The IAC argued that the issue of market power was not just whether a natural monopoly existed but whether the entry or exit by rival firms is feasible, and so they supported private monopolies or oligopolies if the market was considered to be 'contestable' (IAC, 1989).
Our new chief contestable Mr Murphy should concentrate his manpower on catching the real criminals in our society, there's enough of them.
Suite a un but de Pato refuse pour une position de hors-jeu contestable. Il Cavaliere a explique que son equipe etait victime d'injustices...
"The board, which met in Wellington today, decided that a contestable process was the most appropriate course of action at the end of the current coaches' four-year tenure, and at the conclusion of the Rugby World Cup cycle.
West) lays out a framework for a system of global governance which furthers the political and economic integration represented the European Union, the North American Free Trade Agreement, and the World Trade Organization, but is more transparent, accountable, and democratically contestable. He first explores the theoretical foundations for such an integrated world system, including utilitarian and deontological approaches to economic distribution.