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CONTESTATION. The act by which two parties to an action claim the same right, or when one claims a right to a thing which the other denies; a controversy. Wolff, Dr. de la Nat. 762.

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democratic contestation properly allows the community, in a contingent
En somme, Contestation transnationale, diversite et citoyennete dans l'espace quebecois, est un ouvrage documente, rigoureux et instructif qui est notamment renforce par la presence d'une bibliographie aux references abondantes et recentes.
High levels of inclusiveness and contestation may add up to very little if those who are elected in such a manner are not the ones who have effective power.
Summary: Wednesday saw a fresh wave of challenges submitted by losing candidates of the June 7 elections as the deadline for contestations loomed.
Les manifestants s'etaient rassembles en fin de journee sur la place Taksim pour commemorer l'assaut donne par la police une semaine plus tot dans le parc Gezi, jouxtant la place, le dernier bastion de la contestation antigouvernementale.
Raad dramatizes the contestation of truth, and by extension rejects the representational transparency often assumed by Conceptual art's bureaucratic aesthetics, which serves as one model for his practice.
And the province today continues to be marked by intense political contestation.
Yet Renaissance authorities sometimes revealed themselves and even appealed to the oppressed in surprisingly unmystifying ways; perhaps a continuing concern with "representation" should more thoroughly consider those cultural "collective representations," shared by the dominant and the weak, that permit contestation.
Mercredi, trois bombes ont explose devant l'Universite du Caire, bastion de la contestation des Freres musulmans.
Le mouvement de contestation qui secoue la Turquie depuis plus de deux semaines est ne de la lutte d'un groupe de militants ecologistes pour la preservation des 600 arbres du parc, qui a ete violemment reprimee par la police.
This collection of essays explores how history and national memory in Eastern Europe, but also Turkey, Japan and Germany, have been used as political tools or else the site of contestation.
Prince's "transnational epistemology" and her contestation of US national identity and black American emigration in the West Indies, according to Fish, emerge from the necessarily national contexts of missionary travels and Christian benevolence.