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CONTESTATION. The act by which two parties to an action claim the same right, or when one claims a right to a thing which the other denies; a controversy. Wolff, Dr. de la Nat. 762.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Thereafter, what we see and how it is understood leads to the emergence of diverging ideological trajectories and, eventually, to social contestation as a result of competing claims.
Contestations of memory will undoubtedly intensify with the increasing transnational movements of people and ideas, the increasing sophistication in commodifying history and culture and with the enduring tensions between competing voices and interests.
Mais la contestation en Occident, dans un contexte d'austerite economique et de plans sauvetages a repetition pour les banques surendettees, sera aussi au coeur des debats.
Despite such theoretical quibbles, Contestations of Memory provides a fine addition to any library.
Architecture, urban planning, geography, law, and community development are among the perspectives of Indian scholars looking at models and instruments in urban decentralization, multi-stakeholder arrangements in public services, and contestations and urban governance.
To conceptualize 'the reciprocal interdependence of neoliberalism and contestation' is to grant neo-liberalism as many definitions as there are contestations.
Les contestations des non-beneficiaires des aides relatives a l'operation solidarite ramadhan enregistrees dans une dizaine de commune, ont ete reglees, a annonce, hier le ministere de la Solidarite nationale, de la Famille et de la Condition de la femme.
Il est vrai que l'Histoire a avance a travers les decouvertes geographiques et les progres scientifiques et technologiques, mais les mouvements sociaux , qu'il s'agisse de jacqueries, de contestations sociales ou carrement de revolutions , sont les plus perceptibles et sont les plus censes donner de la signification aux evolutions futures .
| By Abdullah Al-Mershed KUWAIT, Sept 12 (KUNA) -- The Constitutional Court will hold sessions in early October to cross-examine contestations regarding results of the recent parliamentary elections, announced a senior judge on Thursday.
Par : Soha Gfar Tahrir avant la Revolution Pendant le soulevement Apres les grandes contestations Carte postale de la place Tahrir La place Tahrir a gagne sa notoriete mondiale depuis le declenchement de la revolution le 25 janvier 2011.