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Twenty college students were randomly allocated to receive either two months of learning program, the experimental group used contextual interference(n = 10).
Processes involving second-order conditional discrimination and contextual control over conditional discriminations are very interesting because they are involved in complex verbal behavior.
17 April 2014 - Canadian LifeLabs Medical Laboratory Services, a provider of community lab services, and diagnostics and genomic technology company Contextual Genomics have agreed to jointly market and offer tests for cancer, as well as other genetic and genomic tests, the pair said yesterday.
The first three essays explore the question of contextual theology from a methodological perspective.
Utilizing contextual search, Google Now provides information based on location, and by accessing calendar entries and travel confirmation messages in Gmail accounts.
This is a coherent, well-laid out collection of articles based on a consultation on contextual theology held in 2009 at United Theological College, Sydney (Australia).
In our classification of context in recommender systems, we follow many previous approaches by assuming the existence of certain contextual factors, such as time, location, and the purchasing purpose, that identify the context in which recommendations are provided.
They cover the case for contextually driven computation, defining the transformation of data to contextual knowledge, calculus for reasoning about contextual information, information mining for contextual data sensing and fusion, the hyper-distribution of contextual information, set-based data management models for contextual data and ambiguity in selection, and security modeling using contextual data cosmology and brane surfaces.
For instance, repeatedly experiencing self-determined motivation at the situational level can, through the recursive effect, eventually generate higher levels of self-determined motivation at the corresponding contextual level.
Of the 13 contextual risk factors examined in the study, two concerned socioeconomic status: housing insecurity (having ever been homeless, been ordered to move out or run away from home) and having lived before age 18 in a household where someone received public assistance.
Advanced phonetic search algorithms coupled with language processing and contextual analysis provide the ability to quickly and easily locate specific spoken words or phrases within a rich media archive, based on sophisticated algorithms developed by Sonic Foundry.
Among a small, cross-sectional sample of young black males transitioning from foster care (n = 74), this study explored the relationship of their negative social contextual experiences to two factors relevant to the delivery of mental health services to them: cultural mistrust of mental health professionals and attitudes toward seeking professional help.

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