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The language that precedes and follows a series of words, such as a particular sentence or clause.

The context of a legal document is often scrutinized to shed light upon the intent of an ambiguous or obscure sentence or clause so that it may be interpreted as its drafter intended.


noun argumentum, background, circumstance, coloring, connection, connotation, extended meaning, force, gist, implication, import, main meaning, meaning, mode of expression, purport, range of meaning, scope, sense, subject matter, sum and substance, surroundings, tenor, text, topic
Foreign phrases: Nemo enim aliquam partem recte intelligere possit antequam totum iterum atque iterum perregerit.No one can rightly understand one part before he has again and again read the whole.
See also: case, connotation, environment, posture, situation

CONTEXT. The general series or composition of a law, contract, covenant, or agreement.
     2. When, there is any obscurity in the words of an agreement or law, the context must be considered in its construction, for it must be performed according to the intention of its framers. 2 Cowen, 781,; 3 Miss. 447 1 Harringt. 154; 6 John. 43; 5 Gill & John. 239; 3 B. & P. 565; 8 East, 80 1 Dall. 426; 4 Dall. 340; 3 S. & R. 609 See Construction; Interpretation.

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As shown in Figure 2, the emergence of contextually controlled stimulus equivalence relations was examined during this phase.
The test was conducted with 100 executive-level B2B purchasers, and had subjects read two articles on a major online publisher's site: one with contextually relevant B2B ads, the other with contextually non-relevant ones.
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