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In Roman Jakobson and Morris Halle's influential discussion of the trope, metonymy works through a concrete, material-minded process of "combination and contexture," producing an aggregation of "synecdochic details.
That Excalibur suggests metonymic combination and contexture can be gleaned from Tennyson's own footnotes in Idylls: his gloss on The Coming of Arthur directs readers to an inscription from the medieval romance Merlin describing Excalibur as an aggregation of "Kerve steel and yren and al thing.
In addition, the confluence of past and present and concern about the future, memories of past events, and spatial indeterminacy, all characteristically associated in some way with the concept of death (Hallam and Hockey 47-100), are integral to the postmodern contexture of Para quemar la memoria.
Geoffrey Hill, The Enemy' s Country: Words, Contexture, and Other Circumstances of Language.
Incited by the perception of this, Wordsworth endows the image, through the metaphorical conceptual overlay of a strip of shadow or cloud processing over still mountains, with properties of contexture, singularity, and indeterminateness that it doesn't in fact possess.
Looking at criticism as part of the poet's contexture, the environment of composition, he writes: "Criticism which is, on many occasions, the faculty and instrument of judgment is on other occasions, possibly more numerous, part of the body of circumstance out of which and against which the single voice of creative intelligence must be made articulate.
Hence, any actual grouping of linguistic units binds them into a superior unit: combination and contexture are two faces of the same operation; the development of a discourse may take place along two different semantic lines: one topic may lead to another either through their similarity (the metaphoric way) or through their contiguity (the metonymic way) ("Two Aspects" 90).
12 Mukaovsk makes a number of pertinent observations in this connection: "Unlike monologic discourse, which has a single and continuous contexture, several or at least two contextures interpenetrate and alternate in dinlogic discourse.
NASDAQ: BORL) and contexture systems today announced a joint
InterBase is suited to the needs of many of the markets that we target such as manufacturing and financial trading where Contessa's real-time interface capability complements InterBase's high-performance data analysis," said Bill McHale, president of contexture systems.
We would do better to think of Emily Dickinson or Paul Celan, who did not choose to write dense, fractured, "difficult" verse--that was the only way to write poetry truthfully in the contextures in which they found themselves.
Most of the authors consider that the sustainable (human) development is possible only in case there is a stable balance between the economic, social and natural environment, the coverage areas thereof and the related contextures.