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Because Detweiler's topos is revealed as nothing less than God's filmic contexture of general revelation as it works through directors and upon him and other viewers, he naturally organizes his presentation thematically, according to the types of revelations the films have to offer.
15) Contexture, therefore, places weight on a person's self-organization, the way we construct out characters.
Some works resent too much of their Author, frequently infusing his own judgement and affections clean through the contexture of his writings, to the real prejudice of the truth and misguiding of his Reader.
Excalibur, in Idylls, as an accumulative hoard, bespeaks a metonymic logic of assimilation and contexture, a poetics Tennyson was keen to renounce.
Key words: context, contexture, collective action, social movements, social significance.
All of this, she intensely resented and wrote that if females dealt with trifles and men with power, the 'deficiency lies not so much in [the] inferior contexture of female intellects as in the different education bestowed on the sexes.
Beautifully performed and flawlessly recorded, with a total running time of 58:07, the performances include Calling the Rain (4:51); Blood memory (5:53); Home on the Strange (4:45); Austrian Waterfall (6:44); Amo Platu (6:06); Stick Figures (2:28); Talking Stick (6:04); Orinoco Delta (3:37); Lowly, Little John (3:06); Tectonic Contexture (4:51); Torch Runner (2:58); and the title piece, Ancient Future (6:38).
In his anthoritative study, Don Juan and the Point of Honor, James Mandrell, whether deliberately or not, underscores the character's postmodern contexture when he writes that "Don Juan is a character who recalls, and, indeed, who embodies a series of other texts.
If I may quickly recall the work of Roman Jakobson, the metonymic pole in the construction of language employs combination and contexture.
Tomb and Womb: Reading Contexture in Emily Dickinson's 'Soft Prison.
On the contrary, a mind not qualified, does either magnify or diminish the figures of things; or possibly, multiplies or lessens their number or variety; confounds their natural order, or inverts their situation: destroys the contexture or harmony, or falsifies the proportions; parts that are connected, it divides; and connects those which in reality have no natural agreement in music.
Such a narrative included relevant quotes followed by analytical interpretations of the researcher which, taken together, formed the contexture of the interviewee's experience of working with battered women.