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Some courts have relaxed the rules on unity of ownership, unity of use and contiguity, and appraisers should not apply rigid standards in ruling out a potential highest and best use.
Lobregat pointed at the need to arrive at a harmonized understanding on the issue of contiguity to ensure that the sentiments of the people residing outside the Bangsamoro will be respected and prevent misinterpretation.
7) Dropping the contiguity requirement would allow districts to be established out of physically disconnected units.
It is known that for an association to be established, mere contiguity is not sufficient and there must be a 'belonging' factor present between different elements associated together and this leads to better learning and retention.
Israel has faced a storm of criticism over the plans, which critics say will isolate East Jerusalem and threaten the territorial contiguity of a future Palestine state.
According to WAFA, it said the Israeli government's actions threaten to totally isolate Al-Quds from the West Bank and forms a threat to the territorial contiguity of a future Palestinian state and the two-state solution.
Wali( governor) of northern state Uthaz Fathee Khaliel asserted that the new road represent a contiguity between the two nations in Sudan and Egypt and expressed on his government keenness to motivate the trade between his state and Egypt to serve the benefits of citizens.
The Palestinian official urged the Security Council to act immediately to stop the persistence of such illegal actions which are further destroying the contiguity, integrity and unity of the Palestinian land.
Chua sees the current discourse as framed in terms of rupture and discontinuity, whereas she wants to revive the issue of continuity and contiguity.
1) Specifically, by using data at district level from 1998 and 2005, it utilises spatial exploratory techniques to determine the effect of distance and contiguity among 98 of Pakistan's administrative districts on their human capital characteristics and inequalities.
rate 1995-2000 1985-90 at at the MCD the county Spatial weights matrix level level Rook Contiguity, Order 1 0.
Yishai was visiting a hilltop known as Area E, which Israel seeks to build on to create territorial contiguity between a larger neighbouring settlement, Maaleh Adumim, and Jerusalem.