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It is this principle of contiguity that allows us to build a conceptual graph or space on the basis of a lexical matrix.
Responding during this period produces the reinforcer immediately and terminates the FT component, and thus there is greater opportunity for response- reinforcer contiguity.
It will in particular manage the contiguity of two real estate projects planned on the island NF, Teilhard de Chardin center and a hotel.
The school is located in area C of the West Bank, between the illegal settlements of Ma'ale Adumim and Qedar:an area that has been marked by the Israeli authorities as Area E1, site of the planned expansion of Ma'ale Adumim in order to create territorial contiguity between the settlement and Jerusalem.
It said such a plan targets to ban territorial contiguity between occupied East Jerusalem and the West Bank, adding that it will undermine a two-state solution.
During his visit the IGP visited the areas of Police Station Mattani and Badhaber which owing to their contiguity to the tribal belt have remained vulnerable and witnessed heavy attacks from militants operation from the tribal belt.
In Qasimabad, they added, WAPDA Power Wing Colony and WAPDA Water Wing Colony had been put in separate wards despite their geographical contiguity.
Jordan's membership in the GCC is a new and old issue at the same time because of joint challenges, commonalities and territorial contiguity between Jordan and Gulf states, the minister added.
Subsequent chapters address modern Jewish literary thinking--the enlightenment and advent of nationalism and then proceed through time: the 19th & 20th centuries literary renaissance, the inter-bellum decades--Hebrew, and Yiddish issues; Franz Kafka, and his contiguity with Sholem Aleichem.
Geographical contiguity and shared history, ethnic and linguistic affinities, and similar developmental challenges have not induced an inevitable congruity between our interests.
Hyderabad has always been an integral part of Telangana region", MIM said in its memorandum stressing that the people and leaders of the other two regions u coastal Andhra and Rayalseema u have no right to stake a claim on the city "because their regions have no contiguity with Hyderabad".