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We treat the overwhelming majority of TV frames as equivalent, under the concept of "TV snow." If one were an optimal conceptual system, however, each frame would be conceptualized as its own very particular kind of pattern (say exhibiting a certain amount of 17th order symmetries, another amount of 11th order symmetries, belonging to the 6th class of contiguousness, etc.).
For the moment, however, let us briefly note ah important variant of air which lucidly makes the point about co-existence and contiguousness. One step further than air in terms of its cubic effect and palpable density is the motif of water which Guillen uses to envelop a swimmer in "La salida" (C1 87) and again in "El aparecido" (C2 219).
Others are not so sure 'that the "third wave" is a meaningful category' and 'too often it is used to set up divisions among feminists and obscure the contiguousness of generational feminist agendas.' (49) In academic circles, riot grrrl zines have been viewed as manifestations of third wave feminism.