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The IGP also directed for strict security to the Sindh Cultural festival-2014 following the contingence plan across the province.
Ces choses incertaines introduisent de l'indetermination dans l'ordre de l'utile, introduisent de la contingence dans l'ordre des choses, une possibilite de les redefinir, de redefinir le monde.
Joseph's Monastery/ Jrebta 7:30 Celebrating the arrival of Jean Paul II's relics at the Lady of Zahleh and the Bekaa church 10:00 Wall Graffiti Tournament under the theme of " Site for the Arab World" at the Sanayeh Garden 11:45 Joint reforestation campaign by the Nepalese/ French contingence serving with UNIFIL aided by the Lebanese army at Aynata South Lebanon.
Comment arrive-t-on donc a trouver un accord entre la contingence de l'intuition et la necessite de la signification pour rendre possible la connaissance humaine?
2), and explains that "what seems to us contingence, faith will recognize as the secret impulse of God" (1.
Police contingence would patrol in the city while it has been directed to take strict actions against presence of non-concerned people in sensitive areas.
Leavitt and Whisler's vision comes within the scope of the theory of contingence, which was to develop subsequently and which considers technology as one of the main determinants in the structure of organizations.
34) et que le phenomene de contingence dans l'histoire de l'etablissement des infrastructures urbaines est une realite qui conduit a distinguer les unes des autres les villes et leurs reseaux.
For the form of my description of the immanence and contingence in The Healing, I am indebted to one of the many rich sections in which Osborne writes of the "Marxist-Hegelian conception of the 'end' [of history] which projects it forward beyond historical actuality, into a politically contingent but socially immanent future" (38).
The contingence of truths, their singular emergence, their individual history, is not at all what I am engaged with in my work.