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Fortuitous; dependent upon the possible occurrence of a future event, the existence of which is not assured.

The word contingent denotes that there is no present interest or right but only a conditional one which will become effective upon the happening of the designated condition. A contingent remainder is the right to possess property after the death of a person who holds a life estate in the land provided a specified condition is fulfilled. An owner of land who grants a life estate to a son, with a remainder to a daughter if she marries, has created a contingent remainder, the contingency being the daughter's marriage.


adj. possible, but not certain. (See: contingent beneficiary, contingent interest, contingent fee)


adjective attributed to, coincidental, conditioned, consequential, dependent, dependent on, deeendent on circumstances, depending, due to, in a state of uncertainty, incident to, possible, provisional, resulting from, subject to, subject to terms, subsidiary
Associated concepts: contingent basis, contingent claim, contingent contract, contingent debt, contingent demand, contingent estate, contingent event, contingent exxectancy, contingent fee, contingent fund, contingent gift, contingent interest, contingent legacy, contingent liability, contingent life estate, contingent obligation, contingent reeainder, contingent right, contingent use, contingent will
See also: circumstantial, conditional, contingency, correlative, dependent, dubious, executory, extrinsic, incident, provisional, questionable, quota, reciprocal, related, restrictive, subject, tentative, uncertain

CONTINGENT. What may or may not happen;. what depends upon a doubtful event; as, a contingent debt, which is a debt depending upon some uncertain event. 9 Ves. It. 110; Co. Bankr. Laws, 245; 7 Ves. It. 301; 1 Ves. & Bea. 176; 8 Ves. R. 334; 1 Rose, R. 523; 3 T. R. 539; 4 T. R. 570. A contingent legacy is one which is not vested. Will. on Executors, h.t. See Contingent Remainder; Contingent Use.

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The fifth contingent was the Public Order sector with 2,615 participants from various government agencies like the Immigration, Prisons, Customs and Fire and Rescue unit.
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Balagtey said the supposed potluck dinner was turned into a mini-festival as the Igorots danced to the sound of gongs that reverberated in the gym of the school, as a way of celebrating the victory of some contingents, the solidarity of the Igorots, and the support shown by Igorots to their fellows.
According to details, the Operations Room of the helicopter contingent received a call from the African Union-United Nations Hybrid Operation in Darfur (UNAMID), on the morning of April 5, asking for a helicopter to transport a Pakistani peacekeeper who was suspected to have a heart attack from Kebkabiya to Al Fashir.
Addressing those policemen who participated in the parade, Islamabad Police Chief said that performance of police contingents has been recorded in the annals of history.
DIG (Security) Waqar Ahmad Chohan, DIG (Operations) Waqar ud din Syed, SSP (ITP) Farrukh Rasheed, SSP (Headquarter) Irfan Tariq, AIG (Operations) Sardar Ghias Gul also addressed the ICT police contingent led by SP (Headquarter) Muhammad Aamir Khan Niazi.
DIG (Security) Waqar Ahmad Chohan, DIG (Operations) Waqar ud Din Syed, SSP (ITP) Farrukh Rasheed, SSP (Headquarters) Irfan Tariq, AIG (Operations) Sardar Ghias Gul also addressed the police contingent led by SP (Headquarter) Aamir Khan Niazi.
The Sri Lanka Aviation Contingent had also organized a drug donation campaign and a lunch for the patients at the local hospital in Bria.MINUSCA Sector East Commander Brigadier General Adil Yamin, Deputy Chief of Staff of Sri Lanka Air Force, Air Vice Marshal AM De Zoysa, Chief Aviation Officer in MINUSCA and Mr.
The Saturday meeting was held to prepare a detailed briefing to the federal minister since it is not easy to defend such a poor performance from the contingent. Most of the participants of the meeting were of the view that 40-day long training camp was not enough to prepare athletes for such a tough competition.
The 572 sportspersons include 312 male and 260 female athletes, along with 122 coaches / High-performance director, 26 managers, 21 doctors, physiotherapists and 63 other officials including the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) contingent and medical team.
Current literature and research has yet to truly explore what contingent faculty are experiencing (Meixner et al., 2010).
Under these circumstances, Pakistani Contingent was trusted by the UNAMID leadership for bringing peace in the area.

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