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Fortuitous; dependent upon the possible occurrence of a future event, the existence of which is not assured.

The word contingent denotes that there is no present interest or right but only a conditional one which will become effective upon the happening of the designated condition. A contingent remainder is the right to possess property after the death of a person who holds a life estate in the land provided a specified condition is fulfilled. An owner of land who grants a life estate to a son, with a remainder to a daughter if she marries, has created a contingent remainder, the contingency being the daughter's marriage.


adj. possible, but not certain. (See: contingent beneficiary, contingent interest, contingent fee)


adjective attributed to, coincidental, conditioned, consequential, dependent, dependent on, deeendent on circumstances, depending, due to, in a state of uncertainty, incident to, possible, provisional, resulting from, subject to, subject to terms, subsidiary
Associated concepts: contingent basis, contingent claim, contingent contract, contingent debt, contingent demand, contingent estate, contingent event, contingent exxectancy, contingent fee, contingent fund, contingent gift, contingent interest, contingent legacy, contingent liability, contingent life estate, contingent obligation, contingent reeainder, contingent right, contingent use, contingent will
See also: circumstantial, conditional, contingency, correlative, dependent, dubious, executory, extrinsic, incident, provisional, questionable, quota, reciprocal, related, restrictive, subject, tentative, uncertain

CONTINGENT. What may or may not happen;. what depends upon a doubtful event; as, a contingent debt, which is a debt depending upon some uncertain event. 9 Ves. It. 110; Co. Bankr. Laws, 245; 7 Ves. It. 301; 1 Ves. & Bea. 176; 8 Ves. R. 334; 1 Rose, R. 523; 3 T. R. 539; 4 T. R. 570. A contingent legacy is one which is not vested. Will. on Executors, h.t. See Contingent Remainder; Contingent Use.

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The summit will also feature a keynote panel formatted in a TED talk style where panelists will offer new ideas and viewpoints on contingent workforce issues.
After completing the demanding 160 kilometres, members of the CAF contingent who completed the Four Day Marches Nijmegen were awarded the Four Day Marches Cross by Brigadier-General Cotten.
BORGHLIEH, Lebanon: The Korean contingent of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon has examined some 60,000 patients in the Tyre district since it deployed in Lebanon in 2006.
Usama Qadri, President, SOA has approved the contingent and it is hoped that our athletes will produce encouraging results in the mega event.
De Mistura arrived at the Italian Contingent Command's base aboard an Italian helicopter, accompanied by UNIFIL Commander General Paolo Serra.
LONDON, August 9, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- The outlook is good for the contingent recruitment market in the UK, with the third quarter of 2010 set to see most contractor rates remain stable and a number rise, according to the Q3 2010 Contingent Workforce Rate Card, released today by Alexander Mann Solutions, the provider of world-class talent and resourcing capability.
Contingent workers constituted a relatively constant proportion of the total workforce from 1995 through 2005 and had diverse characteristics.
Aon, the second-largest national broker, brought in new leadership and stopped accepting contingent commissions in late 2004.
The argument runs like this: Contingent fees encourage excessive and frivolous litigation and create conflicts of interest between client and attorney; thus, they should be capped or limited, like noneconomic damages.
THIS VOLUME offers a wealth of information and analysis on contingent employment and provides an invaluable resource to scholars, students, and policy-makers interested in this expanding segment of the labour market.
In addition to contingent workers, those workers who have alternative work arrangements were identified.
He sued for employment discrimination, hiring an attorney on a contingent fee basis.

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