contingent event

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Elections in Ireland, till of late, were regulated entirely by the discretion of the crown, and were seldom repeated, except on the accession of a new prince, or some other contingent event.
Section 393 of the Bhutan Penal Code states: 'A defendant shall be guilty of the offence of gambling, if the defendant stakes or wagers something of value upon the outcome of a contest of chance, or a future contingent event not under the defendant's control or influence, upon an agreement or understanding that the defendant will receive something of value in the event of a certain outcome.
A "bet" is when money or other property is risked, pledged, wagered, or staked by a participant on the outcome of a game, contest, or uncertain or contingent event, with the expectation of gaining or losing as a result.
The net income in the second quarter 2012 was primarily the result of the first contingent event payment from Bayer.
Escrow is a very special service in which delivery of a deed by a grantor (seller) to a third party (escrow officer) for delivery to the grantee (buyer) upon the happening of a contingent event.
The look refers to the way we discover our own body through contacts with another's body: it is a contingent event.
Badiou therefore reaffirms his earlier analysis of ontology in Being and Event by linking a truth to a contingent event.
Jesus' gave up all control of his own history, his own future, and precisely in so doing filed history to its fullest extent, and fixed his history as the most particular and contingent event.
2 participants provide an increase in the income amount due to the occurrence of a contingent event such as confinement to a long term care facility.
FASB has issued new guidance addressing the classification of options and similar instruments issued as employee compensation that allow for cash settlement upon the occurrence of a contingent event, amending paragraphs 32 and A229 of FASB Statement No.
04-8, The Effect of Contingently Convertible Debt on Diluted Earnings Per Share, that the effect of contingently convertible debt ("Co-Cos") should be treated from issuance date as part of diluted EPS, without regard to the "trigger" being reached on the contingent event.
Six elements can be extracted from these statutory definitions: (1) a contract between two parties which runs for a specified term of "cover," (2) one party (the "insurer") promising to pay a sum of money or provide a corresponding benefit to the other (the "insured"), should a specified or ascertainable future contingent event occur during the term of cover; (31) payment of premium by the insured; (4) uncertainty as to the occurrence or the timing of the specified future contingent event; (5) the insured must have an interest in the subject of the contract of insurance; and (6) the insured must suffer a loss of a pecuniary nature in relation to his insurable interest.