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Fortuitous; dependent upon the possible occurrence of a future event, the existence of which is not assured.

The word contingent denotes that there is no present interest or right but only a conditional one which will become effective upon the happening of the designated condition. A contingent remainder is the right to possess property after the death of a person who holds a life estate in the land provided a specified condition is fulfilled. An owner of land who grants a life estate to a son, with a remainder to a daughter if she marries, has created a contingent remainder, the contingency being the daughter's marriage.


adj. possible, but not certain. (See: contingent beneficiary, contingent interest, contingent fee)


adjective attributed to, coincidental, conditioned, consequential, dependent, dependent on, deeendent on circumstances, depending, due to, in a state of uncertainty, incident to, possible, provisional, resulting from, subject to, subject to terms, subsidiary
Associated concepts: contingent basis, contingent claim, contingent contract, contingent debt, contingent demand, contingent estate, contingent event, contingent exxectancy, contingent fee, contingent fund, contingent gift, contingent interest, contingent legacy, contingent liability, contingent life estate, contingent obligation, contingent reeainder, contingent right, contingent use, contingent will
See also: circumstantial, conditional, contingency, correlative, dependent, dubious, executory, extrinsic, incident, provisional, questionable, quota, reciprocal, related, restrictive, subject, tentative, uncertain

CONTINGENT. What may or may not happen;. what depends upon a doubtful event; as, a contingent debt, which is a debt depending upon some uncertain event. 9 Ves. It. 110; Co. Bankr. Laws, 245; 7 Ves. It. 301; 1 Ves. & Bea. 176; 8 Ves. R. 334; 1 Rose, R. 523; 3 T. R. 539; 4 T. R. 570. A contingent legacy is one which is not vested. Will. on Executors, h.t. See Contingent Remainder; Contingent Use.

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One plausible explanations is that, when the therapists started to respond contingently to CRB1s, the focus on the session switched to the therapeutic relationship, in which the emission of CRB2 became more likely.
All stimuli, implemented contingently on the sorting task, increased the participants' response rates above baseline.
Narrative is not a solution to the problems inherent in representing contingently true information; rather, the ability to represent contingently true information is what makes narrative possible.
04-8, The Effect of Contingently Convertible Debt on Diluted Earnings Per Share, that the effect of contingently convertible debt ("Co-Cos") should be treated from issuance date as part of diluted EPS, without regard to the "trigger" being reached on the contingent event.
A lot of groups have just contingently approved it because the glass - after eight months of negotiation - is just more than half full,'' he said.
In that case, Al Qaeda would have been inserted as an after-thought, contingently portrayed not only as an imitation of the worst in the West but as a sort of just revenge for American hegemonism.
And it was established in the second minor term that the heaven is truly in its natural position, therefore, the correct logical conclusion is that the heaven is neither light nor dense in actuality and it is not so potentially (bi'l-quwwa) or contingently.
Contingency search firms employ mid-level recruiters who fill positions in the $50,000-$100,000 range and are usually paid contingently on what they can produce.
The Tax Court concluded that the limited partners were contingently obligated to make future contributions only in the event partnership revenues were insufficient to satisfy the note at maturity and the general partners exercised their discretion to make the cash call.
At quarter's end BJ's had settled 24 of the 41 House2Home leases for which it was contingently liable.
The resulting book, then, is methodologically sophisticated; it identifies as best as possible that objective truths are available to us even as we recognize that they are constructed contingently and must be contextually situated, even as we highlight that they are always unstable and always under interpretation.
The identity of a given object is constructed retroactively and contingently by an activity of designating which never guarantees an internal resemblance between object and name--we never "reach the point at which language starts to function immediately as 'language of the Real'"--and which consists of a unified field of signifiers.