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Fortuitous; dependent upon the possible occurrence of a future event, the existence of which is not assured.

The word contingent denotes that there is no present interest or right but only a conditional one which will become effective upon the happening of the designated condition. A contingent remainder is the right to possess property after the death of a person who holds a life estate in the land provided a specified condition is fulfilled. An owner of land who grants a life estate to a son, with a remainder to a daughter if she marries, has created a contingent remainder, the contingency being the daughter's marriage.

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adj. possible, but not certain. (See: contingent beneficiary, contingent interest, contingent fee)

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CONTINGENT. What may or may not happen;. what depends upon a doubtful event; as, a contingent debt, which is a debt depending upon some uncertain event. 9 Ves. It. 110; Co. Bankr. Laws, 245; 7 Ves. It. 301; 1 Ves. & Bea. 176; 8 Ves. R. 334; 1 Rose, R. 523; 3 T. R. 539; 4 T. R. 570. A contingent legacy is one which is not vested. Will. on Executors, h.t. See Contingent Remainder; Contingent Use.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Contingently issuable potential common shares (other than those covered by a contingent stock agreement, such as contingently issuable convertible securities) should be included in diluted EPS as follows:
Importantly, for supervisor contingent reward behaviour to be effective, it is necessary that workers perceive that rewards are, in fact, contingently administered.
Scotus's metaphysics of divine being and divine love drew the conclusion that God contingently wills (or could have dispensed from) the secondary precepts of natural law for human beings because nothing other than God is needed by God for loving God.
Contingently Issuable Shares Based on Future Level of Income.
For Scotus, possible worlds--the structure of purely logical possibilities from which God chooses what he will make actual--are important mainly because they allow him to say that God causes contingently and that, in his view, the result of God's contingent causation is a non-deterministic universe.
Thus the Humean claim that beliefs contingently and desires essentially motivate is replaced by the claim that beliefs are intrinsically motivational and that desires are not motivationally effective at all.
The reader is conducted through many current mysteries: the implications of conceiving social causes as "contingently necessary," or as "contingently sufficient," or as "insufficient but necessary elements of a complex which is unnecessary but sufficient" (INUS conditions), and so on.
Whereas some studies have shown that contingently applied extrinsic rewards decrease intrinsic motivation created by an interesting task, an equal number of studies have failed to support this phenomenon, known as the overjustification effect.
For the three and six months ended June 30, 2018, dilutive shares represented contingently issuable shares.
On the resulting view, the world is full of contingency--but only contingently so.
"Voluntary contingency is contingently contingent; the involuntary type is necessarily so," (110) says Gulli in Chapter Four.