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Greg (Giora) Snipper, Continual CEO, said, 'We have been seeing a rapidly-growing demand for our technology expertise from the Connected Car market.
The symposium witnessed the attendance of brilliant figures working in the field of quality and continual improvement, in addition to a large number of experts, specialists and decision makers.
Firstly, the fixed uniform quantizer is analyzed, and it is shown that performances of the quantizer for discrete and for continual input samples are different.
Dividing these forces into two mutually opposing principles does not help us, for the truth dwells not in the opposition but in its continual reconciliation.
2 : occurring again and again within short periods of time <Your continual interruptions are annoying.
During the election campaign we got a continual stream of negative political leaflets informing the electorate how bad the other party was.
The 79-year-old pontiff said: "Nothing positive comes from Iraq, torn apart by continual slaughter as the civil population flees.
We are now focused on the interaction of processes with better measurement, communications and continual improvement.
Noting that nuclear law "is in a continual state of flux," Inderscience said that the new journal's mission is to carry analysis on issues of concern to nuclear law and regulations, promote study of the problems related to the peaceful use of nuclear energy and contribute to the creation of legislation governing the peaceful use of nuclear energy.
Because of the continual conflict between development and preservation over the decades, some of Dudley's paintings are the only record we have left of lost dunescapes.