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The occasion was this: the kingdom is much pestered with flies in summer; and these odious insects, each of them as big as a Dunstable lark, hardly gave me any rest while I sat at dinner, with their continual humming and buzzing about mine ears.
The continual necessity for their services enhances the importance of the soldier, and proportionably degrades the condition of the citizen.
It did not seem particularly unpleasant, because his whole life had been not a continual holiday, but on the contrary an unceasing round of toil of which he was beginning to feel weary.
Conflicting moral codes have been no more than the conflicting weapons of different classes of men; for in mankind there is a continual war between the powerful, the noble, the strong, and the well-constituted on the one side, and the impotent, the mean, the weak, and the ill-constituted on the other.
My clothes were beginning to rot; my stockings in particular were quite worn through, so that my shanks went naked; my hands had grown quite soft with the continual soaking; my throat was very sore, my strength had much abated, and my heart so turned against the horrid stuff I was condemned to eat, that the very sight of it came near to sicken me.
Indeed, I wore myself down with continual and aimless goings and comings in the rain.
This Levin, with his continual twitching of his head, aroused in her now an irrepressible feeling of disgust.
Successful brand messaging and awareness requires continual contact and Absolute Tote Bags provide the quality, durability, and appeal that prompt people to carry them everywhere, proliferating each company's brand throughout their target markets.
Provision of Print and Design Services through a continual competition framework.
It gives a fairer balance than the continual media negatives directed towards the NHS.
Beirut, Safar 29, 1435, Jan 1, 2014, SPA -- The continual violence in Syria has claimed more than 73,000 persons in 2013, the Syrian Human Rights Observatory said today.
Summary: DUBAI - Emirates Aluminium (Emal) has triumphed at the Dubai Quality Group's (DQG) 3rd Continual Improvement & Innovation Symposium, with its Cast House receiving a Gold Kaizen Award for its application of advanced quality methodologies.