continually increasing

See: cumulative
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He has many friends, and is at a time of life when friends and engagements are continually increasing.
Although his artistic sense was unceasingly at work collecting materials, although he felt a continually increasing excitement as the moment of criticizing his work drew nearer, he rapidly and subtly formed, from imperceptible signs, a mental image of these three persons.
At last he made his way through the mob, which was continually increasing and getting more and more turbulent, and reached the hotel.
The commercial need for copper is continually increasing.
In the same unbroken order they arrived at Bow Street, followed and beset on all sides by a crowd which was continually increasing.
This strange accompaniment, which rendered it difficult to follow the piece, made Gringoire all the more indignant because he could not conceal from himself the fact that the interest was continually increasing, and that all his work required was a chance of being heard.
Sales revenue continually increasing with 2008 numbers being extremely strong.
But the world number five knows he may never have a better chance of again capturing snooker's most prestigious title as the strength in depth within the game is continually increasing.
The growth of the nonprofit and healthcare sectors is bringing about a continually increasing challenge to develop diverse revenue streams to meet financial needs.
However, because medical benefits, sick time, pension plans and absenteeism costs are continually increasing for businesses, many human resource professionals are seeking solutions to control and contain costs.
But despite continually increasing demand, no additional generating capacity has been constructed or will be available for the summer of 2003.