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Iconum et descriptionum piscium Camtschaticorum continuatio tertia tentamen monographiae generis Agoni blochiani sistens.
We will define a transition plan for the organisational structure needed after the expiration of the Task Force's mandate in order to ensure the smooth continuatio
Theoretically, the new rulers of Nablus might have continued a similar practice, but the Continuatio clearly connects the light with the Byzantines when talking about the final destruction of the church, (50) which makes it unlikely that by the eighth century there was still a beacon on the mount.
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In his quae sunt continua per naturam, illud unum, per quod fit continuatio, non est extraneum a natura rei quae per ipsum continuatur, sicut accidit in his quae sunt unum per artificium, in quibus vinculum, vel viscus, vel aliquid tale est omnino extraneum a natura colligatorum.
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The anonymous clerical author of Continuatio Hispanica, written in Toledo in the middle of the eighth century (the continuation of the Historiae by Isidore of Seville), hailed the battle as a victory for the Austrasians, who were defined as Europeans, or Europenses.
94) Of particular interest, however, is the use of the colour continuatio, that is, a close-packed group of words that embraces a complete thought; in this sentence it points out the essential difference of the quadripartite figure and Aribo's caprea.