continuation of life

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Whilst there is no dominating symbolism, the families that we shared the design with appreciated imagery that represented the global reach of terrorism, but also the continuation of life.
Health care POAs may also include provisions that express the client's desires regarding life-sustaining treatment, including the continuation of life support, nutrition and hydration in the event of permanent unconscientiousness or terminal illness.
This has led to the continuation of life at all costs, and often results in increased stress and lower quality of life which has led to debate as to the value of prolonging life for the very old or those with currently incurable conditions.
In terms of colors, he's chosen the bright and warm colors that signify optimism and continuation of life.
Knowing about your past can create a substratum that is important for the continuation of life and civilisation itself" says Pilides.
Traditionally a celebration of the cycle of nature and a reaffirmation of the continuation of life, the Winter Solstice marks the return of the sun after the longest night in the year.
Therefore firstly, he rejects the immortality as continuation of life after death and says: "Not only there is no guarantee for Immortality and eternality of human soul meaning the eternal survival of the soul after death, but also this assumption doesn't fulfill by no means what they wanted to achieve.
Taken together, the elements on view conjoined matrimony with the zoo via the one force--death--that underpins both, each institution having been developed to promote the continuation of life, or rather, to evade death's totalizing oblivion.
Qur'an, 5:96) There is no doubt that conservation of this vital element is fundamental to the preservation and continuation of life in its various forms, plant, animal, and human.
The Munoz case is complicated by several factors--her pregnancy and the inability of her unborn child to survive outside the womb; the law passed in Texas in 1989 and amended 10 years later that requires the continuation of life support for pregnant women; and federal health privacy laws that restrict any sharing of information with the media without the permission of Munoz's family, which the hospital says has not been granted.
They should be banned from donating blood or sperm, and if they die in a car crash, their hearts should be burnt or buried in the ground as unsuitable for the continuation of life.
Those moons are: Io, "a moon of Jupiter and a totally chaotic place"; two moons of Saturn, called Enceladus and Titan, "each of which, in a different way, could conceivably support primitive life"; and our Moon, "a dead world which paradoxically plays a role in the continuation of life on Earth".