continue onward

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The first event will take place at Omaimah Bint Khalaf School in Saad Al-Abdullah area in Al-Jahra Governorate and will continue onward to other areas.
We start with direct proportions and continue onward, culminating with an examination of exponential functions and logarithms.
Speaking at the inaugural ceremony at Al-Hamra Hall, Provincial Minister for Labour and HR, Raja Ashfaq Sarwar said that this enrolment process will continue onward throughout the district and completed till 31st October.
AndrEa Borschberg will continue onward to Nanjing in China from Chongqing.
FORD: E-commerce will continue onward as it always has, with perhaps enhanced fraud protections built in; despite the threat posed by new threats, I don't see it ever pulling back much.
And like any family, they continue onward, 40 years after inception.
The advisory committee has further revealed that the Jazz Air flight fares are pocket-friendly compared to its local rival and added that the security clearance system is much convenient here locally in place of disembarkation in Vancouver and traversing the runway to carry out security formalities at Vancouver airport to continue onward journey via flights.
Wiseman seems to take it for granted that political cultures, once established, will continue onward in perpetuity.
Then, continue onward and upward with a network of mass-transit monorails across L.
I admire that attitude to be unafraid, to pursue truth, to have faith in your observations, and to continue onward no matter what obstacles present themselves.
The agreement is valid for the members of the bonus programme 'Flying Dutchman' who travel with Maersk between Billund and Amsterdam and continue onward with KLM, according to Boarding.
Costs will drop further and the boom will continue onward if OMVS has its way.