continue to live

See: exist
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In an affidavit before the top court, Hadiya said after converting to Islam"I am a Muslim and I want to continue to live as a Muslim".
In Washington and Rhode Island, were acting in the absence of strong leadership at the federal level, showing how local leaders are making sure that Dreamers can continue to live in the only country many of them have called home.
Gaza/PNN Three years after the war in 2014, Gaza citizens continue to live in rubbles.
AN RAF widow whose late husband flew Lancaster bombers during World War II can continue to live in the place she has called home for 70 years, thanks to a charity.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Since a 2008 reform that toughened punishments for fake divorces carried out for the purpose of accessing social security benefits, the Social Security Institution (SGK) has claimed that around 22,000 couples continue to live together after divorcing and that the practice is on the rise, according to media reports.
And so ts o another New Year And the hope that this one is better The hopeful have something to cheer The lonely may get a letter The job seeker might get a start The homeless get on the ladder The broken may find a heart To stop them getting any sadder The missing will soon be found And families soon reunited Peace and love will abound And outcasts be warmly invited I may not live in a castle But continue to live in hope That we all get through the hassle And be given enough rope to cope by Andy Shaw, Wallasey
Their massive loans have been dumped in the lap of taxpayer while they continue to live a life of luxury.
A SCHOOLBOY who faced being forced to live with the father he said he hates can continue to live with his mother after Warwickshire County Council became concerned about his mental health.
The credit union's Better Than 50 Club provides discounted services and an interest-bearing checking account full of benefits to help people over 50 continue to live comfortably.
The centre, which has 12 one and two bedroom flats, allows older local people to continue to live independent lives, in their own communities, with full support for their essential needs.
Under this structure, farmers receive cash and limited partnership interests as payment for their farms and will continue to live on and work the same farmland.
3 : to continue to live <She barely earned enough to exist.