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Lebedeff, Keller, Gania, Ptitsin, and many other friends of ours continue to live as before.
Ever he struggled to combat the fever, to live, to continue to live, to grow strong and stronger against the day when he would be strong enough to dare the grass-lands and the belted jungle beyond, and win to the beach, and to some labour-recruiting, black-birding ketch or schooner, and on to civilization and the men of civilization, to whom he could give news of the message from other worlds that lay, darkly worshipped by beastmen, in the black heart of Guadalcanal's midmost centre.
How many there are in the world who live without a government, and continue to live all the same, and are reckoned in the number of the people.
Adams said she intends to continue to live in the home if it gains historic landmark status and open it regularly for tours.
State Street continues to benefit from several factors, including the need for retirement savings as populations around the world continue to live longer, our stable base of clients -- our top 1,000 clients use, on average, six of our products -- and our ability to meet the rapidly evolving needs of sophisticated investors across the entire investment process.
He is married with three daughters and will continue to live in West Manchester, Ohio.
Angel, 10, and Cleopatra, 20, continue to live at the zoo.
Today they continue to live humbly and simply in the Bay Area.
Although two-thirds of adult children polled by the American Association of Retired Persons recently say they would have no trouble talking to their aging parents about ways they can continue to live independently, 68 percent said they've never done it.
Werdegar shares the IOA's mission to provide services and programs that help seniors age with dignity and continue to live independently.
For now, the immigrants will continue to live in the Queens motel, the Westway Motor Inn in Elmhurst.
Payless will continue to live up to our brand name by offering value and savings to our customers.