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I am glad to encounter thee, friend," continued the maiden, waving her hand to the stranger to proceed, as she urged her Narragansett to renew its amble.
Dear young woman," I continued, when I was able to control my emotion, "you are happily remote from the sin and wickedness of the town, and I am sorry to speak of such things in so peaceful a spot--but as a strange chance has led me here, I must speak, must tell you that all wives are not so virtuous and faithful as you, I am sure, are.
You do not understand," continued the inspector; "I am sent here by government to visit the prison, and hear the requests of the prisoners.
continued Olivain, in despair, "what would the count say if he only saw you now
The travellers continued, for many days, to experience great difficulties and discomforts from this wide conflagration, which seemed to embrace the whole wilderness.
They were now again interrupted by the music, which continued some time, during which George Morton made his appearance.
The Judge was saying so’thin’ about the French,” Hiram observed when the pause in the conversation had continued a decent time.
I come on the part of his majesty the king of Great Britain to announce to the king of France" -- Mazarin frowned -- "to announce to the king of France," continued Athos, imperturbably, "the happy restoration of his majesty Charles II.
Riviere continued, "that we should have met in the circumstances in which I find myself.
The second that we shall mention is the tyranny of the Cypselidse, at Corinth, which continued seventy-seven years and six months; for Cypselus was tyrant there thirty years, Periander forty-four, and Psammetichus, the son of Georgias, three years; the reason for which was, that Cypselus was a popular man, and governed without guards.
But the usher's brutal monologue came to an end; every one had arrived, and Gringoire breathed freely once more; the actors continued bravely.
Monsieur,' he said to me," continued Porthos, "'a gentleman ought to measure himself.