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We hope to see continued movement on this most important issue, said Dr.
The MIAA explained that "while the airplanes have their own lightning protection, continued movement of ground personnel are discouraged because of the possibility of current to travel on the pavement before it finally discharges on the ground especially if the aircraft has not finally reached the radius of protection." "Personal protection equipment or gears worn by ramp workers may not be enough to protect them from the at least 24 megavolts of current carried by a lightning," it added.
The system is located in the east Arabian Sea at longitude 70.0 degree East and latitude 18.0 degree North with the estimated surface wind speed at the center ranging between 80 to 90 knots, and away from the Sultanate coast (Ras Madrakah) at a distance of about 1270 km." The statement added that the latest numerical weather prediction shows continued movement of the cyclone in the north to northwest direction along the western coasts of India.
Border guards made a traffic stop, but the cars disobeyed and continued movement. After that, the authorities made warning shots into air, which was again ignored.
figure By NYAMBEGA GISESA Anxiety is piling at the tml" target="_blankAfrican Union Mission in Somalia (Amisom) after the continued movement of Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) troops from bases in Somalia towards the Kenyan border.According to our investigations, differences on how to run military operations and the eventual withdrawal of troops have created bad blood between Amisom commanders in Somalia and military chiefs in Nairobi, threatening to result into a fallout.
There's a continued movement towards independent chairs, according to EY Center for Corporate Board Matters research.
A Weather Channel spokesman added: "Continued movement of low pressure across the country will bring cool, wet and windy conditions with temperatures closer to normal and feeling cooler in the wind especially in the north."
Monday night will see continued movement of patchy rain across the nation with snow mixing in across the north of England and Scotland.
You are happy for an ever increasing trade deficit with the EU and the continued movement of jobs from this country.
Chairing a meeting to review the process of purchase of medicines,anti- dengue and anti-polio drive,he said that major reason behind the positive results of polio environmental samples were the continued movement of Afghan refugees in Rawalpindi and urged the officials to give special attention to the vaccination of Pakhtoon children's.
Other key trends for 2019 include the continuing consolidation of office space as companies continue to look to reduce costs and negotiate lower rents and a continued movement towards open-plan and flexible offices, with emphasis on wellness in the workplace through tailored ergonomics.
We believe she'd find hope that in this canonization process, there's continued movement toward racial equity"