continued movement

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In addition to continued movement and access restrictions and shelter demolitions, Palestine refugees in the West Bank experience high levels of food insecurity.
KARACHI -- Police have baton charged workers of Muttahida Qaumi Movement London (MQM-L) and detained ten as they continued movement towards Martyrs' Monument on Saturday despite warnings.
S Korea Institute at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies - a continued movement of submarine parts in and out of the shipyard, suggesting that it is on an "aggressive schedule" to construct its SINPO-C ballistic missile submarine.
This could imply allowing some continued movement between the UK and EU member states, though falling short of the free movement allowed under the Single Market.
The Middle East is certain to face the continued movement of large numbers of people, first to the region's calmer areas and, in many cases, beyond -- primarily to Europe.
His supporters welcome the change, and feel liberated from the threat of continued movement in the direction Obama represented.
An increasing tolerance for looser underwriting has resulted in a continued movement from more conservative to more moderate underwriting practices," said Grace Dailey, the OCC's senior deputy comptroller for bank supervision policy.
How the continued movement to value-based care delivery will impact healthcare organizations in the year ahead;
There has been continued movement in the translation of our research knowledge into the clinic, and several large trials have reported out, which has added clarity to how we should take care of patients.
Although both views represent valid concerns, it is probably fair to say that, among clinicians and researchers who work with transgender youth, there seems to be some movement toward more active acceptance and encouragement of a child's gender expression at the time, with the understanding that, for many, there can be continued movement in one's gender "journey" across development.
As administrators think about how their campus will look in the next five to 10 years, there will be a continued movement toward integration of all platforms.
Growth is projected through 2019 based on the almost certain continued movement toward smartphone usage saturation and an increase over time in the percentage of smartphone users making mobile payments at the point of sale.