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And we need not be apprehensive that there will be too much stability, while there is even the option of changing; nor need we desire to prohibit the people from continuing their confidence where they think it may be safely placed, and where, by constancy on their part, they may obviate the fatal inconveniences of fluctuating councils and a variable policy.
Here we were obliged to come to an anchor, and here we lay, the wind continuing contrary - viz.
3-4: Continuing Education: Domestic Violence: The Impact on Women and Children: TAPE Educational Services; Toronto; www.
Continuing Education at the college level is a huge force in the province today, and is inspiring students to upgrade, advance and explore new career possibilities.
I believe that the aforementioned trends will continue through 2005, with landlords continuing to prefer the significant credit-worthy banking tenants over the more speculative clothing or other retailers.
Adult Learners have become more discriminating about choosing their continuing ed programs than ever before, and that's because now, they con be.
Continuing improvements in hardware and software that enhance the scoreboard and its features will play a significant role in our future.
Continuing internal conflict marred the human rights situation in a number of countries.
ACHCA, long recognized for its quality continuing education programs, began offering continuing education from its earliest days.
The increase in global NR share resulted from continuing faster growth rates in NR consumption not only in Asia, but also in some central and eastern European countries, which traditionally have relatively high SR shares.
Shipments of nondefense capital goods were brisk during the third quarter, and with orders continuing to exceed shipments, already large backlogs increased further for most types of business equipment.
93-13, Effect of a Retroactive Change in Enacted Tax Rates That Is Included in Income from Continuing Operations, is an intraperiod tax allocation issue arising from OBRA, which changed the top corporate tax rate from 34% to 35% for tax years beginning after 1992.

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