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By winning this prestigious award, Batelco is directly eligible to enter for the Business Continuity Management Global Awards that will be held in London in November.
Saif Mohammad Al Shamsi, acting deputy general manager of the National Emergency Crisis and Disasters Management Authority's Business Continuity Management Standard, said it is meant to build an organisation's capability to continue functioning and delivering activities when its operations are disrupted due to emergencies or crises.
The MTE session stressed on the importance of rapid recovery and timely resumption of critical operations following a wide-scale disruption, through ongoing use or robust testing to ensure critical continuity arrangements are effective and compatible.
Soon after 9/11, the problem of how to ensure the continuity of Congress--and in particular, the House of Representatives--began to receive attention in Washington.
Following last year's devastating hurricane season, businesses have likely reviewed their disaster recovery and/or business continuity planning, but many are likely not prepared for a health emergency of pandemic magnitude.
Most now realize that they ought to be doing business continuity planning but aren't sure where to begin.
Implementing an email continuity solution has been proven cost effective compared to the very real costs of even a brief loss in connectivity.
The baseline out-of-bounds continuity is a triple-faceted system with quick-hitter plays that can instantly attack any defense thrown at it.
EMC Corporation has announced a $40 million competitive award of EMC's networked storage, business continuity software and open management software for the Pentagon Renovation Office (PENREN), a large-scale initiative to modernize the Department of Defense's IT infrastructure.
net) and Eureka Networks, an integrated communications provider for businesses in the New York area, hosted a free networking breakfast and discussion forum titled The Dawning of a New Era in Business Continuity on Thursday, November 6.
Last year, Gartner analysts reported that less than 25 percent of Global Fortune 2000 businesses have invested in comprehensive business continuity planning.