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One study found "consistent, positive relationships between continuity of care and quality of life, community functioning, and service satisfaction among persons with severe mental illness.
According to Dr Dardari, “The continuity of care across GCC is available currently on a small scale, especially for patients seeking medical attention and travelling between Saudi Arabia and the UAE, or Oman and the UAE.
Paul Martin Bosio, Corniche Hospital's Acting Chief Medical Officer said: "We are very happy to work on this wonderful initiative as we strengthen the link to provide continuity of care in pregnancy between Corniche Hospital and AHS.
Deputy Minister for Children and Social Services Gwenda Thomas said continuity of care was a priority.
This study was conducted to assess the impact of continuity of care on diabetes quality of care in an internal medicine residency.
are the important factors for patients in continuity of care in the ambulatory surgical critical pathway?
The inclusion of theory around the concepts related to midwifery continuity of care and the evidence provides robustness while the use of summaries and vignettes bring the practice of providing continuity of care to life.
Consistency and continuity of care for people dependent on this vital Adult Home Care Support Service is essential.
Delays of days or weeks are common when physician visits are scheduled, resulting in a loss in continuity of care.
The benefits of continuity of care have been documented extensively and include reduced likelihood of hospitalizations (Gill 1997; Mainous and Gill 1998; Christakis et al.
Continuity of care is not a protective factor and may be a significant predictive factor for medical errors, despite being linked to numerous positive outcomes in health care delivery, Eric Wong, M.
Objective Continuity of care is a cornerstone of primary care that has been promoted by recent trends in medical education and in the way health care delivery is organized.

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