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Continuity of care is optimized by this form of care management, not just for their medical needs but for the growth opportunities that rise out of therapeutic support in life closure tasks.
Staff are challenged to provide continuity of care planning for her discharge to the community.
An attending physiatrist with experience with acute TBI is consulted on all new TBI admissions to the Trauma Center within 24 hours of admission to ensure continuity of care and the early involvement of rehabilitation professionals.
NEW YORK -- eHealth Technologies, a leading provider of continuity of care solutions, announced today that Merck Global Health Innovation Fund (Merck GHIF) has made an investment of growth capital in the company to expand its offerings and company infrastructure.
It's a disservice to inmates who deserve the continuity of care that only an employed workforce can provide.
In an effort to assess the connection between continuity of care and occurrences of medical errors in family practice.
For the purposes of this paper, we conceptualized continuity of care as a characterization of an individual's outpatient service utilization pattern over time.
It took seven years to accomplish that, and what made us successful was continuity of care.
The proposal also attempts to ensure continuity of care for those with chronic medical conditions.
CapMed will demonstrate interoperability utilizing IHE standards, which include HL-7 standards and the Continuity of Care Record.
4, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- eHealth Technologies, the leading provider of continuity of care solutions, announced today, that Massachusetts General Hospital has selected the innovative eHealth Connect Referral Pathways(TM) solution to streamline external medical record and image collection, engage referring physicians, and gain insight into the full continuity of care lifecycle for their patients.
Contract award: Provision of call for tender by open procedure, through the computer system for trading sintel, for the award of rehabilitation services, clinical support and continuity of care for inmates of the home district of milan san vittore, coordinated by the ou psychiatry hospital fatebenefratelli and ophthalmic milan.

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