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noun imbruement, imbuement, impregnation, inculcation, infiltration, infusio, injection, insertion, instillation, introduction, penetration, permeation
See also: incorporation

INFUSION, med. jur. A pharmaceutical operation, which consists in pouring a hot or cold fluid upon a substance, whose medical properties it is desired to extract. Infusion is also used for the product of this operation. Although infusion differs from decoction, (q.v.) they are said to be ejusdem generis; and in the case of an indictment which charged the prisoner with giving a decoction, and the evidence was that he had given an infusion, the difference was held to be immaterial. 8 Camp. R. 74.

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The study subjects were randomly assigned for the comparison of the renoprotective effects of intermittent (Group 1, 50 patients) and continuous infusion of furosemide (Group 2, 50 patients) in conjunction with renal doses of dopamine.
Our data confirms that use of continuous infusions remain rare, despite increased interest and supportive evidence for continuous infusion of time-dependent antibiotics.
Home uterine activity monitoring and continuous infusion of terbutaline started at 24 weeks' gestation or at the first signs of increased uterine activity, defined as four to six contractions per hour.
The new pre-clinical studies presented at this meeting employed direct delivery of ALN-HTT to the striatum using implantable infusion pumps and convection-enhanced delivery (CED), or continuous infusion under positive pressure.
5 mg/day (or 10 mg/day if the patient weighed more than 100 kg), or a continuous infusion of unfractionated heparin for at least 5 days.
Dosage: A loading IV bolus dose of 2 [micro]g/kg, followed by a continuous infusion at a dose of 0.
We aim to build upon InfuSystem's leadership position by expanding our base of oncologists and nurse oncologists around the country utilizing continuous infusion therapy for colorectal cancer treatment.
Pump cassette infusion ot-701 in free sterile pyrogen individual packaging with antibacterial filter (device for continuous infusion pump)
According to several medical experts, the continuous infusion of local anesthetic drugs delivered by the pain pump into the shoulder joint should be avoided, as studies show it causes permanent irreversible damage to the shoulder.
Techniques of inserting stimulating catheters for continuous infusion are extensively, perhaps disproportionally, covered.
5 g magnesium bolus on arriving at the hospital, and then a continuous infusion over the next day that delivered another 16 g of magnesium.

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