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HIPE consisting of 75 vol% internal phase and 25 vol% continuous phase was used for polyHIPE preparation.
The high drug entrapment efficiency of microspheres can be attributed to the employment of oil as the continuous phase in preparing the emulsion.
At this particle size ratio, it was predicted that the critical volume fraction at which small particles would from a continuous phase or network around the large particles would be close to [V.
The argument for diffusion control relies on the theory that the continuous phase is glassy with a Tg above the temperature at which the decomposition of the acid-salts observed.
An uncertain, but possible, root of shear-thinning in the 75(LS) blend is resin co-reaction that produces longer entangling chains in the continuous phase.
For example, co-continuous morphology was observed to improve toughness: formation of a network, or honeycomb structure in which a modifier actually becomes a continuous phase.
Once we get to the continuous phase of the program, that's when the numbers jump up,'' Zuniga said.
Continuous Phase Modulation-Part 1: Full Response Signaling.
Depending on the ratio of the components, the EPDM is the continuous phase or the EPDM/ PP form an interpenetrating network (1PN) of two co-continuous phases.
In this case, there will be a loss of exterior durability, as only the continuous phase contributes to the cohesiveness of the film.
The auxiliary composition comprises an admix of a clay and a silicone in an emulsified form comprising a water-in-oil emulsion; a continuous phase comprising a silicone; a discontinuous phase comprising an emulsifier comprising water; and a detersive surfactant.

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