continuous time

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They discuss the role of intracellular heterogeneities in chemotherapy treatment; the interaction between cancer cells and the endothelial cell lining during cancer cell transmission and invasion; computational radiation biophysics for cancer therapy; the application of the continuous time random walk to the migration-proliferation dichotomy of brain cancer; and the use of x-ray diffraction to diagnose cancer.
From the control perspective, a typical example of hybrid systems would consist of a continuous-time linear time-invariant plant described by linear differential equations and a discrete-time linear time-invariant controller described by linear difference equations, where the former involves continuous-valued variables that depend on the continuous time, and the latter involves continuous-valued variables that depend on the discrete time, thus the hybrid feature of the whole system [4].
First is discretization of controller designed for continuous time model of plant and second approach is direct discrete time design based on approximate discrete time model of system.
This graduate textbook explains how to model the time evolution of the prices of risky assets with random variables and stochastic processes, and introduces several methods for pricing and hedging in discrete and continuous time financials models.
However, when studying continuous time processes with irregular paths, it has been shown in 16] that even when the regressor is Revalued, we can estimate the regression function with the parametric rate of convergence O(l/V7).
The suppression of the leap second would make continuous time scale available for all the modern electronic navigation and computerized systems to operate with and eliminate the need for specialized ad hoc time systems.
In continuous time the vector field defining the dynamics of the system generates a one-parameter group of transformations, called the flow.
The layout of chapter 4 is analogous to chapter 3 but moves from discrete time to continuous time stochastic processes.
409) compared and contrasted statistical approaches that may help identify windows of vulnerability by formally testing differences in exposure effects across time windows of exposure, incorporating continuous time metrics for timing of exposure, and efficiently incorporating incomplete cases.
Abstract: The paper deals with multiple model adaptive control of continuous time system with friction and backlash.
Specific topics include limit games and limit equilibria, finite player approximations to a continuum of players, reputation and equilibrium selection in games with a patient player, maintaining a reputation when strategies are imperfectly observed, efficiency and observability with long-run and short-run players, the Nash-Threats folk theorem with communication and approximate common knowledge in two-player games, perfect public equilibrium when players are patient, and continuous time limits of repeated games with imperfect public monitoring.
Bergstrom's best known and most influential research contributions were to continuous time modeling, a field that he helped to establish and nurture.

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