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35 M / M + L in the continuous variation method curve figure (2), and this confirmed by the slope ratio curve figure (3).
The voice of Jes Grew, of the "new thang, " then, does not belong to the homogenized space that Atonism produces--the space inside which the detective can solve all crimes--but is, rather, like jazz, "a continuous variation of form," a perpetual becoming that, like Reed's Neo-HooDoo mystery novel, remains open-ended.
The feed is being carried out by the alternating current engines, realizing a continuous variation of the number of revolutions by CNC equipment.
Modulation is the very definition of the analog signal--a continuous variation in amplitude and time (i.
The patented design employs two concentric camshafts and features adjustable camlobe phase positioning to provide continuous variation in valve timing in response to changing operating conditions, said one of its inventors, Alvon Elrod, a professor emeritus of mechanical engineering at Clemson.
Auto Transformer, continuous variation, single phase, flush

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