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Your muscles contort and the bedsheets fly in response to the loud, electronic tones coming from your alarm clock.
As Pearl, Nixon (Allen's daughter) is lithe and coltish, with long graceful arms, and legs that can contort as well as tap.
The effect of the pain contorts other parts of my body and causes them to stiffen, worsening the whole situation.
The ruptured strata of our disparate history, Contorts and fragments relentlessly Under heated opinions and violent outbursts, Inexorably building layer upon layer, Forcing deep fissures in the fragile crust Of a bewildered community.
FREE EXPRESSION: Delia's face contorts during the odd interview
By the end of part one, the dancers have almost melted into the upstage darkness, as Heidi Vierthaler contorts her body on the floor.
It was a response to Joanna Manning's column of January 28, "How the Vatican contorts itself in banning women as priests.
Collapsed to the ground and partially covered with snow, his body contorts as if rigor mortis had already set in.