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"The controversy over the prime minister following people on social networking platform Twitter is mischievous and contorted. He follows normal people and frequently interacts with them on various issues.
Traditionally, the casting facility performed its deburring manually with hand-held tools, but these can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome and permanent numbness when workers are subjected to the constant vibrations, high contact forces and contorted positions characteristic of hand-held tools.
That's quite a journey for what was once a brutal instrument of the Roman Empire, a symbol literary critic Jack Miles calls so obscene that its only modern equivalents are photographs of lynching victims, their necks contorted by the noose and their limbs askew from the violence done to them.
Holscher's tutorial pavilions at the north-west corner went some way to define the riverside route that turned guests on axis with the original lodge; but this arrival sequence always felt somewhat contorted. Later alterations by Philip Dowson introduced visitors to the celebrated view of the long lawn; but visitors still had to double back to align themselves with Jacobsen's ceremonial route across the bridge.
It's the same architect with the same tortuously contorted building image.
This isn't plasticene or metal to be contorted any which way you like.
In Soto's repeated rounds of pas de deux with each dancer--the tender Kistler draped herself around him, the tempestuous Weese engaged in a physical tug of war, and the sensual Sylve stretched and contorted her body provocatively--nothing developed.
The brouhaha centered on "Holier Than Thou," a depiction of a Roman Catholic bishop with a contorted facial expression and a miter that some in the community said looked like a penis.
The picture shows a naked inmate at the Abu Ghraib jail,near Baghdad, contorted with terror as US military dogs strain at their leads just feet away.
AGAIN we see the sickening sight of a dead fox,its face contorted in agony through the actions of the Plas Machynlleth hunt.
Maybe Satrapi learned to draw by inference: She has drawn the regime itself, at least as it is revealed in the contorted lives that her characters are forced to endure.