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And as she has done so often in her prep career, Trebilcock delivered on a 5-foot jumper with four seconds left, driving through Valencia's zone defense, spinning to her right, contorting and hanging in the air for what seemed like an eternity.
Herewith the precisely contorting and clean-lined ballerina lives as a cross between the enigmatic "Unanswered Question' from Balanchine's Ivesiana and a refugee from Paul Taylor's Counterswarm.
Practically everybody is available for spirit duty in one form or another, whether scaling ropes or spider-weblike netting, tumbling or contorting.
The performers do a lot of contorting, shivering and posing.
After a couple of bounces, the tall, wiry figure with spider-like limbs tossed the ball into the air, awkwardly contorting his body into a reverse ``C'' shape.
This confusing little shell game is a byproduct of the NBA's luxury tax, which has teams contorting rosters and payrolls to avoid sacrificing millions of dollars.
Many of the 10 cartoons compiled by Apollo Cinema have earned industry recognition; some are award winners or nominees, such as Plympton's 1988 Oscar entry, ``Your Face,'' featuring a man's face wildly contorting as he sings a love song, and Hertzfeldt's cynical, crudely stick-figured look at relationships, ``Ah, l'Amour,'' a grand prize winner at the 1998 World Animation Celebration.
Pick the right gym and you'll be pumping free weights next door to a class with live drumming or next to men and women contorting themselves on a circus trapeze.
The band remains in excellent form, Jagger strutting and contorting his body every which way and Richards striking the classic guitar-god poses he trademarked.
Atkinson's real gift, however, is for contorting his face into twitchy gargoyle masks.