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And the mix of entertainment on show includes contortion and dance, giant street walkers, magicians and even a digital funf air.
With some, the varied acts may have tended to broaden their knowledge and ideas as to the wonderful possibilities of contortion and application of strength of the human body, while to others the depraved trait in their natures many have been appealed to with the greater force.
That new word of Chosinness represents a metastasis of the old word of Chosenness, with the new meaning of a diseased distortion of the monotheistic concept of Chosenness into a "chosin" Theology of Crime contortion that sanctifies terrorism with theology.
Acts of Contortion is such a volume, one in which the reader simply knows, intuits on some level, that he/she is in the presence of honest emotion and charged language.
IF there is a pained contortion on the face of the BBC at the moment it's because it has its sexuality caught in a trap.
Contortionists with inherited flexibility usually find it a cinch to do both frontbenders and backbenders -- the two moves on which most contortion tricks are based.
Shatner's Bassoon join the growing movement of extreme rock-jazz improv contortion, following in the wake of young bands such as Acoustic Ladyland, Led Bib, Roller Trio, Troyka and Trio VD.
Dayglow, which began in 2006 on college campuses in Florida, has transformed into a large-scale touring production that includes DJs, aerial acts, stilt-walkers, contortion acts, fire shows, and cannons that deliver a "Paint Blast.
No one pulls a better facial contortion in the throws of a seering guitar solo.
The show is a spectacular blend of break-dance, hiphop, aerial performances and seemingly impossible feats of human contortion.
That feeling was acutely enhanced at the Beijing Olympics when the clarity and the colour of the pictures meant you could see every bead of perspiration on Nadal's forehead, every muscle rippling in Bolt's body as he scorched down the track and the contortion as the gymnasts' bodies appeared elasticated.