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Conceived as a deformed double geodesic dome by New York based Acconci Studio, the island's free form diagrid structure wraps and contorts to create two new public spaces; one internal beneath a shallow dome, the other external within a terraced bowl.
Karl Malone has seen Sacramento sink and Utah rise, and as his face contorts itself between a smile and a wince, it's clear he's thought about where this is all heading.
Twisting the flat planes of modernism into the suggestive curves of a helix, he tapped the pulse of the Baroque dynamic that, as Henri Focillon describes in his liberating treatise The Life of Forms in Art, at once sums up, turns on, contorts, and narrates the formulas of all other dynamics.
The salt water pavilion (designed by Kas Oosterhuis) is a brooding mass, like a deformed hull, while NOX's freshwater pavilion is a sleek, silvery structure that contorts energetically among the dunes.
Rubber Boy contorts his body impressively and takes frying pans to his noggin.