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developer and publisher of professional and personal software, has announced the release of the story development software, Contour 1.
Managing director Mark Crompton said Contour had gone from strength to strength.
Since Contour lends itself to customization, many of Contour's users have highly customized the software, which increases the complexity of transitioning to another loan origination solution," said Corr.
This paper describes a simple technique of displaying simultaneously both the power contour (predicted by the Cripps method) and the load reflection coefficient on the computer screen.
Every lexical contour has a parent contour, except that global variables exist in an implicit top-level contour (also called the global contour) that has no parent.
14 May 2015 - US-based point-of-view camera specialists iON Cameras and Contour have agreed in principle to merge the two companies, the companies said.
In the meantime, Contour Med, which manufactures custom-made breast prostheses, faced a dire financial situation and scrambled to borrow $40,000, according to the bankruptcy filing.
The Cochlear Nucleus 24 Contour Advance features an enhanced Contour Electrode engineered to help preserve and protect the delicate structures of the cochlea during surgery and in the years following surgery.
I then began to review the old simulation using contour plots instead.