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Automatic identification of contour lines on scanned topographic maps has been a hot issue, and a great number of related literatures have been published recently.
This additional term takes into account the degree of unbalance between circuits and is obtained by noting that the rms field contour lines are centered around the circuit carrying the highest currents.
Contour lines neither split nor overlap (except in overhangs).
The formula determines the proportional distance for the contour line from the highest elevation.
The topographic maps were created by drawing iso-altitude contour lines on the map.
However, shadow tips that fell on rapidly changing topography made accurate height determination difficult, because a slight mismeasurement of the shadow length could cause the tip to fall on the wrong contour line.
At the high end, the Microscreen Contour line boasts a new foil technology.
The new design method overcomes several drawbacks related to commonly used design procedures, including nonlinear device models are not required, accurate output power prediction is possible up to saturation level, and constant power contour line display simplifies the determination of the impedance matching circuit topology.
Drawing with pencil, students drew large contour line winter trees centered on a sheet of watercolor paper and then colored them black with sharpies to create silhouettes.
You can see it because it is just a small isolated circular contour line on the ridge top.
They use their knowledge on composition, light, contour line, and acrylic paint to create a complex and interesting still life of paint cans and art supplies.