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Figure 45: Body Contouring Devices Market, Pipeline Assessment, by Unmet Need 75
The convenient 'walk-in, walk-out' procedure allows patients to see measurable circumference reduction and body contouring without the hassle and risk associated with other, more invasive approaches - they literally receive the treatment and then immediately resume their daily routine.
Our product development and consumer research teams have found a way to deliver three distinct levels of contouring support and comfort to consumers who prefer firm to medium-firm beds," said Rick Anderson, president of Tempur-Pedic North America.
I have found that the UltraShape CONTOUR I system is an effective non-invasive body contouring solution for the abdomen, flanks and thighs and could possibly be considered an alternative to conventional liposuction for the appropriate candidates.
Cram have developed one of the leading body contouring practices in the world.
I am excited to join UltraShape, the first company to offer a non-invasive body contouring treatment for proven circumferential reduction.
Scientific Advisory Board consisting of a multidisciplinary group of experts in body contouring and non-invasive aesthetic procedures, drawing on leading academicians, plastic surgeons and dermatologists.
RTist facilitates this process with enhanced automated contouring functionality, connectivity to RTP systems, and fusion of any combination of PET/CT/MR/SPECT.
PET produces an unparalleled understanding of disease and studies show that PET/CT based contouring can change CT only target delineation in 26 to 49 percent of cases.
It is also indicated for the liquification and aspiration of localized subcutaneous fatty deposits for the purposes of aesthetic body contouring.
The Gentle Contour is designed with abductor/adductor contouring that helps provide neutral leg positioning.
Contouring is a subtle way of enhancing facial features and giving shape to one's face by using makeup.