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Moreover, the shape of (and geometric relationships between) the contours can be indicative of certain geomorphic features.
She used this example to help demonstrate the concept of the Salish phrase, hec c-xaq-t-cn-elxw, which translates to "a road follows the outside contours of a fence, a house.
It is important that we teach our students to "see" through contour line; that is, the outer and inner line of objects.
CONTOUR KIT BEFORE you choose your contouring essentials, look at how you might normally apply your make-up.
As noted in Table 1, the vertical sizes of the vertebral body in a straight projection on the left and right contours and in the lateral projection of ventral and dorsal contours of L1 to L5 have little difference (P <0.
For instance, the self magnetic energy of the electric contour is possible to be characterized by its self-inductance and mutual magnetic energy between electric contours is defined by mutual-inductance between there couples.
Fear not, the Universal Contour Wrap Home Kit has your wishes for toned contours and smooth, silky skin firmly wrapped up.
The MarSurf XCR 20 is based on Mahr's modular "perthometer concept" for measuring surface roughness contours and is appropriate for use in the laboratory and on the shop floor.
But on a trailer modified to have slits and rounded contours at its back edges, sheets of air pumped by fans rearward through those slits hug the curved contours and entrain air rushing over the trailer into an orderly current.
I present an automatic method for extracting a set of contours from an unorganized point cloud sampled from the surface of a three-dimensional object.
All conceivable contours, arcs and curves can be engraved with the required specifications and tolerances.