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Any property that it is illegal to produce or possess. Smuggled goods that are imported into or exported from a country in violation of its laws.

Contraband confiscated by law enforcement authorities upon the arrest of a person for the crimes of production or possession of such goods will not be returned, regardless of the outcome of the prosecution.


noun banned goods, bootlegged commerce, bootlegged goods, bootlegged trade, bootlegged traffic, captured goods, confiscated goods, confiscated propprty, embargoed goods, goods exported illegally, goods immorted illegally, goods subject to confiscation, goods subject to seizure, illegal property, illegal traffic, illegally exported goods, illegally imported goods, illicit gains, merces vetitae, poached trade, poached traffic, prohibited articles, prohibbted import, restricted goods, seized articles, seized goods, smuggled commerce, smuggled goods, smuggled trade, smuggled traffic, stolen article, stolen goods, swag
Associated concepts: contraband articles, contraband goods


1 goods that are prohibited by law from being exported or imported; illegally imported or exported goods.
2 in international law, contraband of war denotes goods that a neutral country may not supply to a belligerent.

CONTRABAND, mar. law. Its most extensive sense, means all commerce which is carried on contrary to the laws of the state. This term is also used to designate all kinds of merchandise which are used, or transported, against the interdictions published by a ban or solemn cry.
     2. The term is usually applied to that unlawful commerce which is so carried on in time of war. Merlin, Repert. h.t. Commodities particularly useful in war are contraband as arms, ammunition, horses, timber for ship building, and every kind of naval stores. When articles come into use as implements of war, which were before innocent, they may be declared to be contraband. The greatest difficulty to decide what is contraband seems to have occurred in the instance of provisions, which have not been held to be universally contraband, though Vattel admits that they become so on certain occasions, when there is an expectation of reducing an enemy by famine.
     3. In modern times one of the principal criteria adopted by the courts for the decision of the question, whether any particular cargo of provisions be confiscable as contraband, is to examine whether those provisions be in a rude or manufactured state; for all articles, in such examinations, are treated with greater indulgence in their natural condition than when wrought tip for the convenience of the enemy's immediate use. Iron, unwrought, is therefore treated with indulgence, though anchors, and other instruments fabricated out of it, are directly contraband. 1 Rob. Rep. 1 89. See Vattel, b. 3, c. 7 Chitty's L. of Nat. 120; Marsh. Ins. 78; 2 Bro. Civ., Law, 311; 1 Kent. Com. 135; 3 Id. 215.
     4. Contraband of war, is the act by which, in times of war, a neutral vessel introduces, or attempts to introduce into the territory of, one of the belligerent parties, arms, ammunition, or other effects intended for, or which may serve, hostile operations. Merlin, Repert. h.t. 1 Kent, Com. 135; Mann. Comm. B. 3, c. 7; 6 Mass. 102; 1 Wheat. 382; 1 Cowen, 56 John. Cas. 77, 120.

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The issue here is to find who and why kept quiet about the smuggling; fire them and make them face legal actions," the PM declared, adding Tanov and he were using "small tricks" to monitor cigarettes contraband all while working in partnership with the EU, where the focus is precisely on such contraband.
An ORION NLJD was tested by the GEO Group in Florida and Pennsylvania initially, and was able to detect and locate mobile phones and other electronic contraband successfully.
United States, (8) permits an officer to search a vehicle without a search warrant if there is probable cause to believe that evidence or contraband is in the vehicle.
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