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Still we are not here discussing nations but contrabandists, who in all parts are subject to the force of the law of the land wherever they are without ever giving the just motives for causing offense to their own nation.
Inevitably, this assault hurt the morale of guards in other stations throughout the reserve, as the contrabandists intended.
Negatively affected by the turmoil in Libya and Tunisia's limitations on the cross-border trade around Ben Gardane, (i) R'baya' contrabandists and traffickers found in the lure of violent extremism the opportunity to chip away at both the authority of the government and the town's established tribe of Twazine.
Both Ferrand and these contrabandists devised their own solutions to navigate the tensions between the force of enslavement and the law of "slavery"--a tension that had existed in the French world since at least the promulgation of the Code Noir.
Rum Row," for example, located off the Northeast coast beyond the three-mile limit, enabled contrabandists to ferry hooch by the boatload to New York for illegal tippling in speakeasies and private clubs.