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Unfortunately, the bulk of the Department's proposed CRS rule changes do not focus on deregulation, but rather seek to stipulate a variety of new or modified contract practices between CRSs and airlines and between CRSs and travel agencies.
Nichiei Co., a nonbank moneylender at the center of a scandal over its coercive methods of collecting loan repayments, will consider ending its heavily criticized loan contract practices, industry sources said Thursday.
The thrust of the Department of Justice's charge against Microsoft, is threefold: firstly, that the "tying" (the "purchase of an unpopular product to get a popular product" ) of Internet Explorer is illegal - a provision of the 1994 Decree; secondly, the arrangement or "contract practices" that Microsoft presently has with Internet Content Providers; and, thirdly, its contracts with the actual PC hardware manufacturers themselves.

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