contract provision

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The accuracy of our contract provision identification and classification is critical to our customers," said Hudek.
Thereafter, the party receiving the insurance assurance sometimes requires production of the certificate of insurance to demonstrate compliance with the contract provision.
After analysis of contents of CCAs, the conclusion can be made that the smallest element of a CCA as a system is a contract provision.
Attachments to this memo provide background on PPIRS web application and information regarding the sources of data for PPIRS-SR, an action plan for transfer of data from existing legacy collection systems, actions for designated test sites and the application host (Naval Sea Logistics Center Detachment Portsmouth), and a contract provision to be utilized during the test.
Wednesday's vote restored a contract provision that automatically extends Abraham's contract annually for another year.
In revenue ruling 74-252, a payment to an employee to cancel an employment contract pursuant to a contract provision that allowed cancellation with a payment of six-months salary was wages.
In the absence of a contract provision otherwise, contracts signed face to face are governed by the law of the jurisdiction where the signing took place.
Older workers, under a new contract provision called the "rule of 65," can retire if they worked in a mill that was closed and their age plus years of service totals 65 or more.
Another application of the contract provision was at ANR Freight System Inc.
The Consultant shall ensure the listed construction contracts approved by FDEP are constructed in reasonable conformity with plans, specifications, and contract provision and compliance with FDEP SRF approved construction plans and bid documents.
The company also announced Quick Study, a tool that gives Kira's customers the ability to teach Kira's software to identify and extract any contract provision they wish.
Although beyond the scope of this article, it is also worth noting that the decision may well have an impact reaching beyond guaranties to impact any contract provision which is contingent on the absence of a default historically.

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